Election Day is (finally) Here!

I’ve been extremely engaged in this entire election cycle- watching the debates, following the stories and commentaries of various pundits, and checking facts so religiously, one would think it was my side gig. I’m excited, today, to see the numbers of friend (and friends of friends) posting that they’ve voted, and expressing their pride in receiving their official election day stickers. (see mine below!)

My car proudly announces her driver’s participation in the voting process.

Many people don’t know this about me, but I once ran for public office myself. It was junior or senior year of high school and we were encouraged to create our own candidates, our speeches, debate the other candidates and, eventually, vote for and elect a winner.

Thinking I would create a candidate that everyone would relate to and trust (and ultimately vote for), I created RuPaul Miyaki Martoni-Martinez III, a gender ambiguous, multi– multi-cultural candidate, liberally conservative, a Democratic Republican, an inheritor of wealth and grassroots oriented. My speech was all over the place, “We’ll give give give and never take! My opponent will say THIS! and THAT! and it will all be LIES! Vote for me and I’ll give you the world!” I got in some great zingers and the shocked look on my opponent’s face and the laughter from my audience constituents had me convinced that I was destined to win. I was positive that my eventual election was in the bag.

Unfortunately, RuPaul Miyaki Martoni-Martinez III lost the election. While appearing to be a candidate for any and every being from all towns, cities, nations and planets, she didn’t really stand for anything but getting votes. I designed my candidate and my speech to win, not to address any of the issues we were actually debating. Those issues just happened to be opportunities to speak more about ME and the amazing things I had done and why I should WIN! and did I mention- VOTE FOR ME!

I was disappointed to lose the election and the opportunity to be Your Serene Exaltedness, RuPaul Miyaki Martoni-Martinez III, Governing Mayor of the Presidency of AP History. But I learned a lot from that election- primarily, that the person promising everything to everyone is lying somewhere to someone and they don’t have any business being in the position of Ultimate Public Servant #1.

In watching this election process, I’ve noticed some glimmers of my candidate showing up during the numerous debates, speeches, and interviews. And I’ve remembered why he did not win that classroom election and rightfully so. I have hope that others who are voting today also saw through the bedazzled imagery, and that clarity of vision prevails at the polls.

I look forward to seeing the election results and I really hope our next four years will see the  expansion of a depth of compassionate honesty and care for others that is unprecedented in this young nation’s history.

And so it is.


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