May the Gods Walk in Connecticut Tonight

As I mourn for the loss of innocent lives today, I think about the senseless violence that has become a part of the history of this nation. I think about the way that we hurt one another and continue to devalue the importance of human life.

Tonight I pray to the Gods that those who lost their lives today, and every day, find peace in their crossing and hope in their rebirth. May their journeys be smooth and their family’s recovery is swift. We are never promised tomorrow and tragedies like today remind us of our mortality and that life is a blessing. I am truly blessed to be able to write this post tonight and acknowledge that nothing is guaranteed.

I extend my blessings, love, condolences and hope to those who have been witness to this tragedy and to the families that lost a loved one.

May the Gods walk with you on this journey and help you to find your way back.

  • John Payne

    On behalf of everyone here at the Centre for Pagan Studies and the Doreen Valiente Foundation, we most sincerely echo what you say. America needs to wake up to this outdated and crazy situation of the gun laws. The passing of anyone is painful, but we were never meant to mourn the loss of our children. Human nature isn’t geared up for that.

    Here is a poem that Doreen Valiente wrote for the passing of a friend 

    To think that you are gone, over the crest of the hills
    As the Moon passed from her fullness, ride the sky,
    And the White Mare took you with her.
    To think that we will wait another life life
    To drink wine from the horns, and leap the fire.
    Farewell from this world, but not from this circle.
    That place that is between the worlds
    Shall hold return in due time. Nothing is lost.
    The half of a fruit from the tree of Avalon
    Shall be our reminder, among the fallen leaves
    This life treads underfoot. Let the rain weep.
    Waken in the sunlight from the Realms of Sleep.

    I also read this poem of Doreen’s, at her own funeral.  I wanted to write a poem for her but wrapped up in my own sorrow at our loss, the words did not come easily. All our hearts go out to those in Connecticut tonight.
    Blessed Be,
    John Belham-Payne

  • John Belham-Payne

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