May the Gods Walk in Connecticut Tonight

As I mourn for the loss of innocent lives today, I think about the senseless violence that has become a part of the history of this nation. I think about the way that we hurt one another and continue to devalue the importance of human life.

Tonight I pray to the Gods that those who lost their lives today, and every day, find peace in their crossing and hope in their rebirth. May their journeys be smooth and their family’s recovery is swift. We are never promised tomorrow and tragedies like today remind us of our mortality and that life is a blessing. I am truly blessed to be able to write this post tonight and acknowledge that nothing is guaranteed.

I extend my blessings, love, condolences and hope to those who have been witness to this tragedy and to the families that lost a loved one.

May the Gods walk with you on this journey and help you to find your way back.

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