Everyday Celebration: Happy Earth Day to the Mother and Birthday to the Dad

Today is Earth Day, and it is also my father’s birthday: the celebration of two very important things in my life, two things worth honoring and celebrating. The miracle of living is something I often think about. It is incredible to think of the mystery behind how we are, who we are, where we are, living here on the planet. There are a lot of theories of the how, the where, and the what, but in reality, I am just amazed to be here, on this green (and brown if you are in California) earth.

Today is the 44th Earth Day Celebration. According to National Geographic, the first Earth Day observance was in 1970. I tend to think it is a bit insane to have to have a day designated to remember the importance of the earth and to take care of it, but then again, sometimes we need to have these milestone celebrations to appreciate anything. And so I use today’s observance as a means to remember the important things that help me to sustain life as I know it.

Why do we need these reminders to honor those things that are a part of us, and around us? I personally think that humans are often self centered people, looking through the glasses that fit upon their faces, that we often forget that humanity is not only about what is within us but is also about how we are intertwined with all of the beauty that is around us. We are not independent of the human experiences that we engage with, and we are not independent of the earth in which we live on. We are all one…

My mom used to tell me that we shouldn’t be nice just because it is a holiday, like Christmas, but that we should be nice and appreciate people every day as if it were. I believe the same about Earth day, and my Dad’s birthday, and I strive to appreciate them both every day.

Several ways to appreciate and celebrate the earth for the busy schedule person….

  • Recycle bottles, cans, and cardboard

  • Pick up trash and litter on the ground outside

  • Conserve energy that is otherwise wasted

  • Turn off the air conditioner and open the windows

  • Reuse what you can, and get creative. Even ziplock bags can be washed and reused.

  • Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth

  • Keep a compost pile

  • Garden or grow some of your own food

  • Keep your car maintenanced and smogged

  • Buy reused clothing

  • E-cycle (recycle) electronics

  • Be mindful of your carbon footprint

Not just today… but every day.

Happy Earth Day to the Mother. And Happy Birthday, Dad. Both worth honoring, both incredibly important to who I am, and I am grateful.

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