Privilege and Racialist Paganism Talks at Pantheacon

PantheaCon is one of the best formats for having broader community conversations that are important to the culture of what is happening around us. I have seen big festivals like this contribute to the direction and tone of Pagan culture, and so it could be very important for us to seize these moments in positive ways. I was honored to be on one of those panel talks, the Pagans and Privilege panel from 2013 and 2014.

I was not able to be present at the Racialist Pagans discussion in the Solar Cross Temple Hospitality Suite due to schedule conflict, but I did have a chance to finally listen to it this morning. It is a fascinating discussion led by Dr. Amy Hale and Ryan Smith. They did a good job of structuring this discussion to only address a specific part of this problem within Paganism and how that manifests. I do hope that in the future we are able to expand the conversations, or even to  a series of discussions that talk about many different levels of racism within our community, what to look for, and how to deal with it.

Both of these recordings, done by Solar Cross Temple and hosted on Thorn’s Elemental Castings podcast, show some of the current groundbreaking work that is being done. Listening to these, and being involved in one of them, makes me hopeful that these conversations are happening today.

Please enjoy.

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    Marxists hate fascists? Shocking. Internationalists hate nationalists? Shocking.

    Edited to add: Notice the Marxist saying the Nazis killed 15-20 million to impeach those he disagrees with while ignoring that Marxists killed far more. Also, the “15-20 million” came from the Holocaust Museum, and it included people imprisoned. They did not revise the death toll to 15-20 million. The reaction of the “audience” shows a complete lack of critical thought. Marxists dismiss Marxist violence in these clips, totally ignore that Marxists killed many more people, and yet use fascist violence to condemn anyone who falls under their exceedingly broad definition of “fascism” (read: anyone they disagree with ideology, certainly not the dictionary definition).