Saving the World One Manicure at a Time!

Dip my fingertips in Fairy Dust? I think I shall, thank you!

(Or Nurturing Myself as a Global Peace Initiative)  Since I was a little girl, I have loved beautiful hands and manicured nails. (I also find hands that are twisted and knotty like tree trunks beautiful, but that's an ode for another article. I think I might have a hand fetish. That is yet another article or, better yet, a craigslist post.)Before I dive in, though, I will confess that I feel a certain degree of some kind of way about claiming that getting my nails done positively … [Read more...]

The Sacred Sensualist’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

(Or how to play your way through this newest New Year)Welcome to 2014! Happy New Year and New Moon and Super Moon and the BEST YEAR EVER that EVER happened in the history of ever before! I've seen (and sent) a few posts and texts like this one in the last few days. I'm excited about this New Year, 2014. I feel that good things are coming for myself and for those I love, and those that I like, and those that I don't know but pass in the grocery store. I'm looking forward to those good energy … [Read more...]

Dreams, Degue and an Ancestor Visitation

This year, I created degue for my Ancestor meal.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down. I plot and plan costume ideas all year (and then usually don’t do any of them), I make an annual “pilgrimage” to the Spirit Store (where I usually buy nothing), and I spend some time working on my family tree (where, if I’m lucky, I’ll find a little bit more than nothing).This year, the season of the Ancestors came early to my home. I had an extremely vivid dream visitation at the beginning of the month from my oldest step-sister, Maimouna Sall, a … [Read more...]

Once I had a Brilliant Idea to Embrace My Prejudice Against an Entire Group of People

Italy map

Do you ever have moments where Goddess takes some decision you make, looks you up and down and says, "Oh really? We'll just see about that"? Because I have them pretty regularly. And however molded you feel when your behavior gets checked by another human being, it doesn't really compare to the feeling of having the Divine check you all in your face.A few years ago, I spent a couple summers working as a tour guide and Resident Assistant for an organization that was helping international … [Read more...]

And Then There Was That Time I Went to Battle With My Own Ass…

It's The Knot!

I was on a ten-day silent retreat and had just completed an amazing meditation session, feeling as though I'd just clicked over into some expanded altered state when the bell rang. I was feeling so good, that when we were given the choice of continuing to meditate or going to our rooms, I didn't even bother to shift my body, diving right into the next round of meditation.We had already entered the portion of the retreat where we had been encouraged not to move once the session began, to … [Read more...]

Natural. Hair. Magick.

Image by Glenford Nunez from "The Coiffure Project"

My first exposure to the concept of hair as a magickal thing came from my West-African step-father. Whenever my mother would cut his hair, he would meticulously gather up all of the hair to be buried. He said that it had power in it and couldn't just be thrown in the garbage because it was part of a person and someone could use it to do magick against you. At the time, wannabe cynical teen that I thought I was, I thought he and his superstitious beliefs were silly.Now that I'm living full … [Read more...]

On Mothering, Sacred Sensual Style

daughters of eve

Before I became a mother, I was so certain I was going to be one of those A personality moms -- take no guff, behave right or else, the way any self respecting Black mother "should" be. I vividly recall an incident in college, sitting with friends (other women of color) and watching children running wild at an event. We all shook our heads and commented that our children would not ever be allowed to behave that way.But by the time my son, T, came along, my thinking had undergone a radical s … [Read more...]

Being an Ally versus Being a Nice Person

Mother and Child wall hanging

I recently had a conversation where a friend asked whether or not it was important for people to speak up when they witness someone saying something ignorant or derogatory about a group of which they (the witness) are not a member. I stated that I believe that it is very important because when we are speaking on our own behalf, we also have to contend with possbile feelings of hurt and anger and pain at the burden of the entire issue. Another woman participating in that conversation took … [Read more...]

I’m not as evolved as I like to think I am


 This past Saturday night, I was in deep ritual with Brighid and Her Sacred Flame. I felt the intensity of the energy raised, swirling around the altars and the hearth. I felt my prayers as they landed- received and accepted by the witnessing fire.Coincidentally (except not) while that ritual was taking place, someone I love very much and had spoken over while in sacred space was harmed by the actions of another person. As I have been witness to their healing process, I have been … [Read more...]

Spell Casting Anytime and Anywhere

Mother and son witchy broom duo. We're starting with basic energy (and mess) moving before progressing to full moon rides.

I spent the weekend in the house, dealing with a cold, the doors locked tight against the frigid California air. I generally dislike the whole experience of having a cold, but this weekend, I got to sneeze about 347 times and I absolutely love to sneeze. It's like an orgasm for your face, the way it tickles and nudges you, creeping up, if you try too hard to force it, it goes away, but if you just wait and pay attention then all of a sudden BAM! It takes you over, snatching control of your … [Read more...]