I spoke this past weekend on how God can restore a broken marriage or a broken life. I also share the amazing story about how this marriage page was hacked and how I got it back. The end of the video contains the powerful true story of my friends Jay and Mandra and their precious daughter Jayden. Their story has the potential to change your life and their faith with inspire you! Just click on the link below to watch… Read more

Your family, your faith and your life will be stronger when you discover the beautiful truth of who you really are. Read more

Almost everyday, I talk to someone whose marriage is in crisis. They often feel desperate, exhausted and alone. It’s a heartbreaking scenario when the dreams of “Happily Ever After” are crushed, and in the midst of all the pain and confusion, it is nearly impossible to think clearly about what next steps to take. People who choose to get divorced have often endured years of frustration and exhaustion, but the problem is, we tend to make our worst decisions when… Read more

One of the most challenging and controversial teachings of Jesus centers around a Parable (story) He told of a Farmer planting seeds. The implications of this short passage of Scripture are tremendous. Jesus is teaching that everyone who hears the Message of the Gospel will land in one of four categories; and only one of those categories is good! “As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky… Read more

Married couples should be each others FRIENDS – not just glorified college roommates. How do pull this off? Read more

At the core of every healthy marriage is a strong friendship. Sometimes, we can get so focused on the other aspects of the marriage relationship that we forget that our spouse should be our “Best Friend” too! Investing in your friendship with your spouse is one of the most important and most practical ways to invest into your marriage.  Below are the six traits of true friendship. Make it a priority to grow in each of these areas and your… Read more

Don’t get caught up in the romance of the WEDDING, before asking these vitally important questions. Read more

As a Pastor, I talk to a lot of couples who are planning to get married. I also talk to single folks who would like to get married someday. Choosing a spouse is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make, so it’s a decision that needs to be approached with a great deal of prayer and planning. Sadly, a lot of couples spend more time preparing for the wedding ceremony than they actually spend preparing for… Read more

What matters most? Read more

I’ve got a great friend named Lyn who is fighting for his marriage. I’ve been inspired by the depths of his faith and the strength of his resolve to win back his wife’s heart. He has taken full responsibility for the part he played in contributing to the marital breakdown, and he recently shared a story with me that became a turning point in his journey… For years, my friend worshipped his cars. He was a car nut. He knew… Read more

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