Mrs. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are sleepwalking through the war on terror

If there is one thing that is to our detriment when it comes to fighting the war on terror, it’s having Barack Obama as commander-in-chief. The next worst thing I can think of would be replacing him with Mrs. Bill Clinton in November. These two are asleep at the wheel.

Donald Trump has stated that Clinton is more at war with him than she is with ISIS or any other terror leader in the Middle East. ISIS has seized on the weaknesses of our president and Mrs. Clinton, neither of whom have any sense of urgency. This wait and move slowly strategy is putting American lives at risk. Like I told Sean Hannity in a recent appearance on Fox News, somebody needs to get Mrs. Bill Clinton a Red Bull, because the wolf is at the door. She failed us in Benghazi when she moved too slowly to fortify our embassy. That’s her legacy; that’s what she’s bringing to the table if she becomes president. It will be more of the same; I’ll tell you that.

Clinton and Obama have no clue about being at war with radical Islam. They’re more interested in calling concerned citizens Islamophobes and lecturing us on how to be nicer to Muslims. It’s a disastrous strategy. But Trump gets it and has been meeting with his security teams who have built a robust strategy to take Islamic terror on before it lands on our shores. It will be clear and coherent. Until then, we’ll have to get used to the kinds of attacks we saw in New York City under the misguidance of our current leaders.

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  • Dennis Pennington

    I’m not sure why others are wanting to distract me with issues on Clinton and Obama in June of 2017. I’m looking closer to Cheeto and the gang and really do not like what I see.