We shouldn’t be shocked that millennials have a fondness for socialism and even communism. It’s because in their lifetimes they’ve never seen a system that actually works. Read more

If the unthinkable happens in my church this Sunday. If an attacker turns his hate on me, then I will die in the place that I have cherished, among the people I love, in front of the Savior I worship. My last breath will be words of love for family and forgiveness for the killer. “He knows not what he does.” Read more

Jesus told us that we “are the light of the world” and not “the accusers of the world.” He didn’t tell us to curse the darkness, rather he told us to shine our light so bright that it chases the darkness away. Read more

Your family past might not be perfect. In fact, you are likely to have a few twisted trunks in yours. But all of that doesn’t matter to God. Your crooked tree can be made straight. And in His eyes, it already is. Read more

As Christians, we’re exchanging our eternal passion for a fixation on the temporal. Read more

Let’s talk about helping people – here’s what you can do. Read more

None of this is cute. None of this is excusable. Especially for those of us who claim Christ to be our King. Read more

It’s not wise to weave our faith into the flag. We must be loyal to King Jesus before any earthly kingdom. Patriotism is fine, but it’s not Christianity. Read more

I don’t want to talk football right now. A man walked into a church and started shooting. Read more

Handmade soaps. Artisan ginger ale. Bottled perfumes. Small-batch roasted coffee. Custom meats.  Craft breweries.  Some of this is the result of the entrepreneurship spirit that is sweeping America’s millennials. Whether it’s starting a business on Etsy or eBay or opening a food truck, the desire for self-determination is a trend that is helping drive this change in occupations. A EY/EIG survey on the Millennial Economy helps us understand what’s going on: 62 percent of millennials “have considered starting their own business.” 78… Read more

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