St. Stephen, pray for us

Dropping by Deacon Scott Dodge’s joint for a visit, I was reminded that this is not only the feast of the Holy Family, but the feast of St. Stephen, proto-martyr and patron of deacons.

Below, a compelling modern interpretation of Stephen’s martyrdom, from artist James Michaels.

To all deacons, and all who serve the gospel: happy feast day.

Ordination update: 11 new deacons for Denver
Ordination update: 14 new deacons for Washington
Ordination update: 8 new deacons for Springfield
Ordination update: 4 new deacons for Greensburg


  1. Pat McNamara says:

    Happy Deacon Day, Greg!

  2. Deacon John M. Bresnahan says:

    “Interesting that he was martyred for his preaching.” That comment I read somewhere should give us deacons good food for thought.

  3. Happy Feast Day to all of you wonderful Deacons who serve the Church so selflessly.

  4. pagansister says:

    HAPPY St. Stephen’s Day to all.

  5. Deacon Alexander Breviario says:

    St. Stephen pray for us in these challenging times and let the words we preach to God’s people resound with your zeal!


  6. That’s some pretty bad art.

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