This, of course, is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.   And it is also a day when history was made in Egypt.

Above: “The Virgin Mary Tree” in Egypt.

An ancient tradition holds that it protected the Holy Family.

The Anchoress points out that Hosni Mubarak resigned on a Marian feast — and that is appears to be part of a larger pattern:

15 August 1945 – VJ Day – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

8 December 1987 – Reagan signs treaty with Gorbachev – Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
11 Feb 1990 – Nelson Mandela Freed – Our Lady of Lourdes
22 August 1991 – Failure of Russian Coup – Queenship of Mary
21 November 1995 – Initialing of the Dayton Peace Accord in Bosnia – Presentation of Mary
12 December 2000 – Supreme Court finally ends election recounts in America – Our Lady of Guadalupe
11 February 2011 – Egyptians drive out Mubarak – Our Lady of Lourdes

It’s also worth noting, as the A emphasizes, that the Holy Family fled to Egypt.  It’s not unreasonable to think that Our Lady has a vested interest in watching over the land that, at a critical moment, watched over her and the Christ.

Read the rest.  And let’s remember Egypt and its people in our prayers.

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11 responses to “Coincidence?”

  1. Quite honestly, I believe it’s a coincidence. First of all, there are many other important events in history that could be cited that do not fall on a Marian feast day.

  2. I, too, noticed that today is an important Marian feast and thought about a possible connection with the events in Egypt. Thanks for enlightening me about the other coincidences of Marian feasts and major events in the world. But, I must say, that to list the following event among the other noteworthy events is, for me, a stretch and out of place.

    “12 December 2000 – Supreme Court finally ends election recounts in America – Our Lady of Guadalupe”

    (Excuse the bit of sarcasm: I never knew Mary was so involved in U.S. politics! Is she a registered member of the winning political party in 2000?)

    Re Muslims and Mary, I have an anecdote. A few years ago, I was a lay missionary and taught in a teacher-training program in Nigeria. We had Christians and Muslims in the program (Muslims attended one class a week in Christianity and Christians attended one class a week in Islam.) As exam time approached, I noticed that one of the Muslim women was attending a Rosary Novena organized by the Catholic Students. I asked her about it, since I knew that she was a devout Muslim and prayed 5 times a day. She said: “It’s exam time and I need all the help I can get.”

    I am euphoric (“over the moon”) that the protest in Egypt had ended with so little bloodshed. My nephew-godson (30 year old journalist) has lived in Cairo for 5 years and attended the protest last weekend. (He is currently studying in Lebanon.) He has been emailing me and has enlightened me on many aspects of the issues that have sparked the protest.

    The fact that the protesters were determined to be non-violent astounds me. (We have learned to identify Islam with autocracy and anti-American violence.) The humility of Wael Ghonim, who created a Facebook page on the tragic beating to death of Khaled Saeed by the Egyptian police, is said to have sparked the protesters. His humility impresses me almost to tears.

    Twitter@Ghonim “Please don’t make me the face of this revolution. Its not true as every Egyptian was the face of this revolution.”

  3. For what it’s worth, there’s an old saying, “A coincidence is God choosing to remain anonymous.”

  4. Everything can be seen as a coincidence and nothing can be seen as coincidence. And then there’s something in between. On this, I fail to see the significance of falling on one of our Lady’s day. It had to fall on one day. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that it happened (God’s will) but coincidence that it happened on this day. If that all makes any sense…LOL.

    By the way, you have the old style comment box. Just between me and you 😉 this is so much better than what Anchoress has now. I can’t stand her new comment box format.

  5. I fear this will not be a good thing. Israel will need our prayers!

    And the winners in 2000 were the American people!

  6. Perhaps a list like this helps someone’s piety, but it is just a psychological dynamic at play. A pious catholic sees a Marian connection, I am sure a pious Muslim could find Islamic connections, etc. It is the same dynamic why people fall for astrology or numerology…..”that sign really describes me” yeah, right! It can be innocent but when taken to extreme it is how people end up in a cult, they only see their agenda and projections everywhere.

    And people predicting the end times see the these types of patterns in events from using the book of Revelation, others with Nostradamus prophecies or Mayan mythologies.

    The problem with this can be that it makes something very vital….look silly and trivial. Of course God is active in history and in our lives, and his message is always very clesr: Repent, do Penance, Pray and follow his commands. Listen to His Voice but don’t manipulate things for one’s agenda no matter how pious. IMHO

  7. Very nice, It amazes me how few people fail to realize the graces Jesus granted his mother and the actual power she has. Where an apparition can convert millions of people to the glory and honor of her Son and Heavenly Father. Perhaps by reading the Fatima Prophecies or the 13 day may shed some light on her most Immaculate heart. She is also paired with the Sacred heart of Jesus, often referred to as the twin hearts.

  8. Dogma perhaps, but The Assumption has been celebrated in “both lungs” of the Church since Apostolic times.


    apparently in the 7th century (date setting).

    However, for the purposes of predating VJ day (at least):

    My father’s Pearls of Prayer Book with a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur dated 16 January 1939, lists the Holy Day of Obligation of the Assumption as 15 August.

    I’ll try to investigate further.

    (maybe I should have majored in history and not engineering)

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