Fox rejects religious-themed Super Bowl ad

The ad references a familiar bible verse — and reports say that it was rejected by Fox for containing “religious doctrine.”

Check it out below and see what you think.

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9 responses to “Fox rejects religious-themed Super Bowl ad”

  1. Wow. Like people who watch football have never seen John 3:16 banners at high school, college and pro games!

    Dangerously new and subversive territory. Thanks, Fox, for saving us from a fate worse than… the tyranny of relativism.

  2. I was expecting to see the rainbow-colored-hair guy.

    Thanks for posting the commercial. From other reports you’d thought the ad was some Evangelical preaching fire and brimstone for 30 seconds.

  3. I would describe that commercial as gentle evangelization. It encourages people to read John 3:16; it does not force anyone to accept its Truth. I find it terribly sad that this upbeat commercial about God’s ultimate love for His world was deemed inappropriate but all kinds of offensive rubbish is permitted to sully the airways.

  4. Disappointed Fox would reject this subtle and humble message. Another sad state of affairs, looks like beer, scantily clad women and dark humor will win out again.

  5. And the religious doctrine is “a message of hope?” Wasn’t that our President’s campaign platform?

  6. I’m curious: what would your responses be if the commercial were touting Islam? I’m assuming nothing here; it’s a serious question.

  7. If folks want to be inspired they will probably tune into one of many TV (or radio) stations that are dedicated to just that—religion. Having seen the John 3:16 sign hanging around during many sports events, I ignore it as I’m sure many folks do. Using it as a commercial for Christ during a big football game? Would be just as useless as the sign in the crowd. Also—what is with the verse doing under his eyes? That’s just a little over the top.

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