I haven't been robbed in London, and I'm not begging for money

Really.  I’m fine.

One of my email accounts was hacked, and now every person I’ve ever e-mailed about anything is receiving a message from me, with a desperate plea for money.

Ignore.  It’s a scam. I’ve changed the password and am using another account now.


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  1. Hmmm, and here I was about to wire you a small fortune! All joking aside, it is not funny. And it is remarkable how often it happens, usually to yahoo addresses, but not always.

  2. Mark Curley says:

    I’m usually aware of things like this, which is why when I got the email (and verified it was legitimate), I came here. =)

    Glad you’re not stranded in Nigeria, I mean London. Sorry your account got hacked.


  3. pagansister says:

    Ah! Modern technology—-and with it comes the hackers—-Glad you have corrected the situation—so not fun to have to deal with that.

  4. You were lucky, Greg. When my email account was hacked into, ads for cheap Viagra were sent from me to people on my address book, which included several deacons, the chancellor of the diocese and the bishop!

  5. DANG……and I just mailed the check…

  6. Gosh. That email scam has been out a long time. But I was robbed in London by a pick pocket, many moons ago, when my daughter started college in London. There was no email to send out a bleg out then. Darn.

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