Remembering Jim

“I remember driving through downtown Denver and out and past the Coors Brewery.  The main road quickly turned into a single lane in each direction.  A small river ran next to the road and the water level was high due to the melting snow from the mountain.  The scenery was almost post-card perfect.  I continued to drive a short distance when a sign warned of a small tunnel ahead.  Sure enough, the tunnel appeared.

As I entered the tunnel, I noticed that there were no lights and it was very dark.  I soot exited the dark tunnel to see the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen in my life.  To be honest, the only thought that came to me at that moment was, ‘There has to be a God.  No man is capable of creating such beauty.’  I often return to that memory…I hope to return to that spot someday, because I realize now it was where I truly found God.”

— Deacon Jim Hynes

Classmate, Son, Brother, Father, Husband, Friend

Entered eternal life February 26, 2008

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One response to “Remembering Jim”

  1. Thanks for posting this Greg…

    I was not able to be present last night at the mass in memory of Jim, because of responsibilities at my own parish, but I offered him up as my own personal intention as I served at the altar.

    Reading Jim’s writing and knowing the illness he suffered in his last days, I also know that God was waiting there to welcome him home as his light at the end of his other dark tunnel when his days here on earth had come to an end.

    Eternal rest grant unto him O’ Lord…
    May eternal light shine upon him always…


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