That '70's woe

Do you miss the ’70s?  Does this bring back memories?

Yes, I confess: I once looked just like that.  That’s eerily similar to the kind of clothes I wore to my Catholic high school over 30 years ago. (Ah, leisure suits, too!)

The horror, the horror.

To see more, if you can bear it, visit James Lileks’ new site dissecting that groovy time.

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  1. The Egyptian says:

    yup thats me the kid on the right, pants were pale yellow with blue and bone saddle shoes, 2 and a half inch heel. worn with a blue blaze jacket and a button up shirt and tie for church.

    I tried to forget but look what you’ve done

  2. The Egyptian says:

    i forgot blue and bone PATENT LEATHER saddle shoes,

  3. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    The 70’s was my mom’s era. She’s always telling me great stories about it. Man the clothes are funky and kinda cool (save the plaid pants). If I did have a chance I’d want to dress like this. Not to mention these clothes look pretty modest vs. today’s standard guy clothing.

  4. GAAAH! The repressed memories have come back! Purple polyester zip-up suit jackets, hideous plaids and uncomfortable corduroys (with the requisite bell bottoms) … all that’s missing are the Barney Miller wide ties.

  5. Oh yes, I remember the 70’s! What a horrible time for so called “fashion”. I was married in 74. My kids, now grown, love to laugh at my wedding picture. I went to a prom in a gingham cotton “gown”. Yuk

  6. Some things really are best left buried in the dustpile of history.

  7. Well I think the 80’s were much worse as horrible fashion and dreadful haircuts go.

    Luckily the 90’s seemed to bring back some common sense into fashion designers… or maybe people got tired of looking stupid 😛

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