Will the Anglicans save the Catholic Church?

Well, they’re certainly giving the Church a shot in the arm.

From the Catholic Herald in Britain:

Bishop Thomas McMahon of Brentwood is putting on hold plans to cut the number of Masses in his diocese because of an influx of Anglican priests entering the ordinariate.

The bishop said he expected around seven new priests and up to 300 parishioners to join the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in his diocese.

He told BBC Radio Essex that out of all the Catholic dioceses Brentwood would have the largest number of parishes entering the ordinariate – three in Essex and three in east London.

Bishop McMahon said today: “Rationalisation of Masses for a number of parishes has been put on hold for the time being, as we wait to see what effect the priests coming into the ordinariate will have in the diocese in the months to come.”

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4 responses to “Will the Anglicans save the Catholic Church?”

  1. Seven new married priests and masses don’t have to be cancelled. They probably will not have to close churches either.

    It sounds like a good plan to use these married converts as priests.

    A married priesthood is an interesting development stressed by our Holy Father.

  2. Since there has been (if I understand correctly) a shortage of priests, this should help. Not only will there be more priests, they will be MARRIED and some probably have children. Wonder what the fellows getting ready to be ordained or those young ones already ordained think about not being able to marry?

  3. Let’s not forget that these men have come to the Catholic Church because of its integrity in sticking with traditional morality. I would love to see an American ordinate begun. I know that there are Episcopal priests who are very concerned over the direction of their church and who might well “swim the Tiber” in the U.S. This would help counteract the constant undermining of Catholic values by dissidents within and critics without. Think of how they could change things in New York, Boston, Chicago.

  4. Chris,
    Or perhaps there would be change in Lincoln Nebraska or Phoenix,Az??
    The bishops there might have a hard time with married clergy. Let’s not criticize a diocese without remembering the change will apply to all. And it might be a positive change in many ways.

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