"Before I die, I want to…"

…what?  How would you finish that sentence?

An artist in New Orleans has created a special installation around an abandoned building, and asked people to fill in the blanks:

Check out the rest of the installation.  Clearly, this is something designed to provoke comment, and thought, and more than a little introspection.


  1. Deacon Norb says:

    This whole idea reminds me of the 2007 movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It caused me to look at what I would really like to do — as a deacon — before the Lord calls me home:

    –I have already been the “Deacon of the Gospel” at Diaconal Ordinations and Presbyteral Ordinations. Would really love to do the same at an Episcopal Ordination/Installation.

    –Been the “Deacon of the Gospel” at masses presided over by a bishop many times — doing the same at a Papal Mass would be nice.

    –I assisted at the ceremony when my widowered grandfather re-married; I was the presider at my widowed mother’s re-marriage; I presided at the weddings of four of my own children but none of my grandchildren are old enough yet. That might be nice.

    –I have done military weddings and military funerals — but always in civilian setting. I really would enjoy working in a base-chapel as a pastoral associate for a while.

    But better even yet — maybe simply hearing my Brother Jesus say to me: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  2. I actually have a “Before I die prayer.”

    “Before I die Dear Lord, I pray for the awareness of everything I ever did, knowingly or unknowingly, that was offensive to you Dear Jesus. I pray and trust that when I stand before you in judgement, I won’t be “shocked in horror” of the many ways, both big and small, that I have sinned against you (and others).

    I would only warn, “Be careful what you pray for.”

    Spiritual requests are usually ‘answered’, consequently, I got (and suspect will continuet to get), some real shockers, the biggest one the consequence of using birth control. I was profoundly made aware of it at the raising of the Precious Blood during the mass. It was horrific, to say the least, as I am convinced I have at least stymied and or aborted (via abortificiants), including the pill, the lives (and love), of at least 100 babies.

    The other thing I have gotten great clarity on is how much “small things matter”, simple acts of kindness, in both words and deeds, being HUGE in the eyes of God. The power and consequence of just one unkind word is enormous.

    I’m not expecting most to believe me, but for any who are open to it, ask in ernest for God to show you, and most likely, he will.

    p.s. Better on this side while we still have the merit of grace to made reperations

  3. Jim Dotter says:

    … to bring someone to Christ in fullness of the Catholic Faith.

    … to be as cogent as Klaire in spreading the Love and Mercy of Christ.

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