Is this the best he could do? Really?

Can I ask for a do-over?


  1. *snicker*

    I like that one. Great facial expression, BTW!

  2. Hey, Dcn Greg, you’ve got a smudge of dirt on your forehead….

  3. Did he apply it with his elbow, Greg?

  4. Your one big Ash

  5. oldestof9 says:

    I GOT NUTHIN…..The (4) before me have said it all.

  6. At least you not making an ash of yourself. :)

  7. Heh. Shoe polish mixed in with the ashes?

  8. pagansister says:

    OOPS! Do overs?

  9. Irish Spectre says:

    …better than the police station booking thumbprint motif that I got!

  10. …whoever did it…well done! But a bit more to the right.

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