Sarah Palin on Lent: "Catholic baptism and catechism classes have stuck with me"

“I do observe Lent, and my family and I have traditionally sacrificed something during these weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. When I was growing up, my Irish Catholic grandfather would remind me that sacrifices offered up during Lent are to be like tithing — if you advertise your ’sacrifice’ and tithe then you negate any spiritual gains. (Or maybe he’d say that because he didn’t want us to know what he gave up!)…Catholic baptism and Catechism classes have stuck with me internally.”

— Sarah Palin, quoted here (along with other possible GOP 2012 Presidential candidates).

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28 responses to “Sarah Palin on Lent: "Catholic baptism and catechism classes have stuck with me"”

  1. Glad young Sarah had the chance to go to CCD, just like me. Sad, though, that the chapters in her CCD book that dealt with spreading untruths (“Death panels!”) and encouraging violence in others (bulls-eye targets over congressional districts, which were on her website until a month or two ago) must have been printed in very faint ink. Well, we’re all sinners; hopefully she will publicly repent of some of the scandal she has caused through her public choices.

  2. Pat:

    I read her comments as Catholic Baptism and Catechism classes, not as Catholic Baptism CLASSES and Catechism classes.

    I have some concerns about her comments, since in her bios, it says that she was baptized at age 12 in the Wasilla Assembly of God church.

    But to try to get into her head and understand what that conversion from Catholicism to Pentacostalism means to her is beyond me.

  3. HMS — Unfortunately, there are a fair number of incompletely catechized Catholics who get led into Protestant denominations when they are subjected to anti-Catholic interpretations of some Bible verses.

    If she was baptized at 12 in the Assembly of God, maybe what she had really was a class on baptism that she went to as a prospective Christian witness for a Catholic friend or relative’s baptism. She speaks of a Catholic grandfather. I don’t know about the faith of her parents. Possibly it was a mixed marriage, and they gave her instruction in two churches, and at 12 she made her choice. Just a possibility.

    Anyway, the big thing I take from it is that she retains some favorable memories of Catholic instruction. IMO that’s all to the good.

  4. Am I supposed to be impressed by her comments on Lent and her religious upbringing? She has never impressed me with her other opinions, so this is no different.

  5. Reading her comments again (and the others at the link and on Fr Z’s blog) I am struck with the “Protestant” and other mainstream conception of Lent as a second tray at a New Year’s resolution.

    I will grant Palin, politics aside, that she has the second most intelligent comments (maybe third if you count the Protestant who will not be observing Lent) ahead of those giving up dessert and trying to be more healthy. that isn’t so hard with the limited number of

    As a Canadian, it strikes me as interesting how much attention is payed to your governing officials religious persuasions.

  6. To naturgesetz:

    I know several Catholics who were brought up in the Catholic Church and were Pentecostal church members for a time, for whatever reason, then returned to their roots. (I fact, I taught them in a Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program and they now are preparing for the Diaconate.)

    Re: Sarah Palin
    It seems that her entire family converted to the Pentecostal Church when she was 12.

  7. Well I for one am sorry she left the Church but glad she still has Christian values. She is pro-life having chosen to have her Down’s syndrome baby and whether anyone is “impressed by her opinions” or not speaks volumes about them.
    As for the bulls eye targets, many Democrats used similar analogies so don’t even try that nonsense.
    I just love that she gets under people’s skin.

  8. Steve–a prominent local Catholic doctor who is speaking at many churches in our area (and with a long list of prestigious medical credentials and writings) is also warning about “Death Panels” coming about as a result of some of the so-called “reforms” in government sponsored and run medical care.
    So I guess he is spreading untruths too.
    I am convinced that the reason she is so hated by people on the political left–most of whom support abortion-on-demand- is because when she found out she had a Down’s Syndrome baby on the way–she walked the pro-life walk.
    I have talked with some pro-abortion people about her and this issue and I thought their heads were going to explode with vituperation.
    As for encouraging violence with “targeting” language–My family has been in local politics for three generations and “targeting” your opponent goes back centuries in this country.
    If you want violence–as a retired public high school teacher I am totally embarrassed by the virtual barbarism of teachers in the Wisconsin capital–fraudulently getting doctor’s notes on camera so they wouldn’t lose a day’s pay while they demonstrated- trying to assault Fox reporters– virtually every GOP ELECTED rep and senator getting death threats—trying to assault a Wis. R state senator (luckily rescued by a Dem. senator)–mobs storming into areas that are supposed to be safe havens. It all looked like old films of Communists storming the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. I know, Fox made things like that up is the lieing charge–Except even liberal MSNBC also showed most of the above.
    As for collective bargaining’s role in bankrupting the state through work rules. Tell me about it!! Try to do anything for the kids after school and you find you must come up with a union mandated ransom for the custodians- union mandated detail pay for security. And why? Because the government officials negotiating for the taxpayers fear political retribution unless they are patsys enough.
    What a great deal it would be for unions in private industry if they had an electoral sword to hold over management’s head when they negotiate.
    No wonder the great hero of labor–FDR–was against public employee labor unions. So also was the early great labor leader Sam Gompers.

  9. Baptized in infancy, Sarah attended CCD classes during elementary school. What is so hard to figure out? Her early Catholic roots still have an effect upon her. You may or may not like her, but her comment is a simple statement of her attitude toward Lent, not some political diatribe.

  10. Sarah Palin walks and talks the way a Christian should. Whatever “they” say to denigrate her is just what “they” would say about the rest of us. (Whenever I see Katie Couric, I realize that she despises everyone like me.)
    Sarah Palin is clever enough to realize that, with limited resources, a government-run healthcare system would necessarily have to make decisions about who will receive what level of care. The decisions will be made by a panel. It happens now, in England, Canada, and in our own VA hospitals. Saying that someone is spreading lies, in spite of evidence, is definitely spreading lies. (or can we just claim whatever we want? Opponents of Mrs. Palin seem to do that.)
    I am glad Mrs. Palin retained some of her Catholic upbringing. I pray that others may recall some of theirs.

  11. Deacon John I always love your comments, thanks! Rest assured, I enjoy reading all comments, but especially enjoy the ones I agree with ! 🙂

    As for Palin, I believe Dcn. John nailed it. More than anything, she is a threat to the “pseduo feminist” movement. Make no bones about it, many women in America who have not only had abortions but have aborted Down S babies look at her and see repressed guilt, at least IMO. On that same note, she can be just as threatening to men, as the “sex without consequenses” is nothing to be messed with in this country.

    Bottom line, Palin is a “radical” Christian, walking the walk, at least to the extend she has been catechized. That’s a lot more than can be said for the many who point the fingers but would never consider walking some of the roads she walks.

    Yes, it would be nice if she would get an old memory of gramps and birth control, or the power of the sacraments, as who could be more influential than Palin. Heck, who knows how God is using her.

    I just remember something I heard Dr. Peter Kreeft say one day (paraphrased): “If the Catholics aren’t going to walk the walk, God will use the Protestants, and often the most unlikely ones.”

    Glenn Beck is another “baptised Catholic” with major influence. As out there as he is at times, imagine how the Eucharist could transform someone like Beck (move over John the Baptist)!

    If you think about it, (and of course beleive in the Real Presence), it’s really not that much of a leap to think about what a true Catholic “transformation” could do to people like Beck and Palin.

    Anything’s possible!

  12. I’m going to borrow the words uttered by a rabbi friend upon being told that Generalissimo Francisco Franco was probably of Jewish origin: “DON’T DO ME ANY FAVORS!”

  13. I don’t get the Sarah Palin obsession. People seem to either adore her or despise her – nothing in between. It’s not like she will ever be elected president…just don’t get it.

  14. Pro for Sarah. i love watching the left self immolate over her. The mere mention of her name sends them into whiffs of manic frenzy replete with hissing noises, cobra eyes and bared fangs, revealing their true nature; kind of like holding up a cross to a vampire’s face. It’s actually too delicious for words, and the more they attack her, cha-ching, off she goes to the bank.

  15. To: Robert C

    And I bet all the Irish lefties are furious at her dig against her Irish grandfather – (“Or maybe he’d say that because he didn’t want us to know what he gave up!”) – Whatever is she implying?

    Her Irish ancestors came from a town about 30 miles from mine in county Donegal. I never heard the word “tithe” in my very extensive Irish family’s vocabulary.

  16. I’m Italian and it is called congrua in Italy. But tithe is a pretty common term derivitive from Old English. Can’t study any European History without coming across it.

  17. Addendum:

    My Irish ancestors would have probably said: “Tithe? That’s what the a Protestants do.

  18. Funny – my Irish-American parents and grandparents had the word “tithe” in their vocabularies…and so do I.

  19. ah yes. But relatively harmless. The same cannot be said of the similar stupidity from those DNC members who foisted the current head of that party upon us.

  20. While there may be reasons to criticize Sarah Palin her comments on Death Panels is not one of them. Right now Father Frank Pavone is trying to help save the life (or at least give him a shot at life) of baby Joseph who is being denied treatment in a Canadian hospital. If you don’t think this is coming to the US then you truly have your head in the sand.

    To Mike: I am astonished at those who feel the need to call others stupid.

  21. Irish Catholic here…No slight taken by her joke about what her grandfather gave up for Lent. Haven’t we all told
    a little Lenten joke a one time, let’s not cast stones. It is
    nice that her Catholic grandfather touched her heart spiritually…the truth will do that. As for Tithes, no Irish
    family is familiar with the term. However, my experience is the Irish have been very active financially and in giving their time and labor too to the Church. We should all tithe…it is in Holy Scripture and is a sign of trust in God. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Blessings!

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