"Why I am converting to Catholicism"

A Protestant speaker/blogger/youth minister named Bryan Kemper made the announcement on his blog:

I want to let you know this is not made lightly; I fought against this for years. There are several things that led me to search and finally choose to go back to the Church. I will share a few things in brief here and would love to sit down in person some time with you if you want to peacefully discuss them in more detail.

Church authority: There are simply thousands and thousands of denominations and every time someone disagrees with another teaching of their church they simply start a new one. The Catholic Church has had it’s teaching since the beginning of the Church in the scriptures. There is no way God can be happy with thousands of denominations or so-called non-denominational churches. It seems that when people disagree on doctrine it often results in another break off church. The fact is that current Christian teaching can differ so much between two churches that it really constitutes different religions and different Gods. There must be one established truth that God gave us, one that has remained from the time of Christ.

Pro-life and Contraception: There is only one church that has been consistent from the time of Christ to today on the teaching of pro—life and contraception. Before 1930 there was never a single Christian church in history to accept any form of contraception and today there is only one that absolutely has kept this Christian teaching and truth.

Communion or the Eucharist: I have always believed that communion was more that just a symbol and in looking back at early church teaching it is crystal clear that this was taught from day one. St Ignatius of Antioch a student of John the Apostle taught on this and clarified it well.

These are just a few of the things that drew me back into the Catholic Church; however there is so much more. I was baptized Catholic as a child so the process is not as complicated for me. I will be starting RCIA classes and working towards confirmation.

I am asking my friends to pray for my family’s journey and me as I truly seek to be closer to Christ. My relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life and I hope my friends will stand by me, as I grow closer to Him.

You can read more here.  All I can say is: welcome home.

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5 responses to “"Why I am converting to Catholicism"”

  1. Having read many convert stories I find it interesting that most converts are attracted to the Church by its firmness of Doctrine and its refusing to turn its back on Traditions in Faith and Morals that go back to apostolic times and before.
    I just read where in England they are setting a huge record for new entrants into the Church–and they are coming because their own churches have on one issue or another tried to be fashionable, but some would call it groveling to the “world, the flesh, and the devil” –or as St. Paul said–a desire to tickle ears.
    Yet our Church is full of people–even clergy and religious who would tear down one Tradition or another so as to be fashionable in the modern world–(which is clearly doing a good job of self-destructing demographically).
    So I couldn’t help but notice that this convert even named the currently most hated –by some– traditional moral teaching of the Church (its pro-life stance on abortion and contraception) as one of the Church’s big attractions for him. (Charlie Curran , please note).

  2. Welcome Home Indeed!

    You should check out Marcus Grodi’s website
    (he’s on Mon eve’s at 8pm on EWTN —show: “The Journey Home”)

    Thanks, Deacon, for this article!!

  3. Guess he hasn’t seen the bishop for gays below or read seamless garment yet. He must be associated with a parish that actually teaches what the Church teaches and not what those in outright dissent put forth as katholic.

    Great story and all true if we follow actual Church teaching.

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