World's biggest human cross?

Behold, what transpired yesterday in Manila:

Details, from Reuters:

Thousands of Filipinos lined up across a football field in Manila to mark the start of Lent by forming a human cross they hoped would go down as the world’s biggest.

Officials at the University of Santo Tomas, a Catholic university that at 400 years old is the nation’s oldest, said the Ash Wednesday event was also a proclamation of the school’s stand against abortion and a controversial bill on reproductive health currently being debated.

More than 20,000 people, including students, faculty members and university personnel, the students wearing black t-shirts or white school uniforms, stood side by side to form a two-colored Dominican cross while prayers were recited and songs sung.

“Forming this biggest cross will make people remember that the Lenten season is all about Christ,” said speech pathology student Erika Claire Gomez.

Information about the cross will be sent to Guinness for verification.


  1. Truly amazing & beautiful! May god bless them.

  2. pagansister says:

    OK, that is really large—and lots of people standing shoulder to shoulder. Hope they all took a shower that day :o)

  3. YES, indeed! a SHOWER of graces and blessings! but you were in our prayers too, pagan sister! wishing you all the best in life!

  4. thank you, Deacon Greg, for this piece of news. indeed, a spectacular human cross! to call attention to the significance of Lent, and to make a statement against a Killer Bill (the so-called “Reproductive Heath Bill” that is mean to spread a contraceptive mentality among family-loving Filipinos. God bless you!

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