Deacons on Broadway?

Well, whaddya know?

From the new Broadway musical version of “Sister Act. Deacons merit a mention in the lyrics to a big production number “Sunday Morning Fever”:

Spread the news!
It’s time to rock the pews!
We’ve got the Sunday morning fever!
It’s a sound
that turns your soul around
until it makes you a believer.
Every priest,
every deacon,
everyone who feels the beat
starts freakin’.
Catch the bug!
Ride the groove!
Boogie ’til you feel your spirit move!
Come and get that
Sunday morning fever.
Give the Lord a try!

Okay, okay.  So it’s not exactly Cole Porter. I get no kick from champagne, but I got a kick out of that.

Meantime, for those enamored of singing (and dancing) nuns, the cast appeared recently on “The View.”  You can catch the clip below.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. well, if they are using Latin in a Broadway musical, why all the fuss using it at Mass ?

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