Lila Rose to address National Prayer Breakfast Wednesday

A young woman who has become a household name in the pro-life movement will be addressing the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast tomorrow.

From the Religion News Service and USA TODAY:

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose has shared the stage with Sarah Palin, seen her exploits extolled on Fox News and drawn comparisons to heroic Gentiles who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust.

So why are some conservative Christians so uneasy about her work?

The telegenic 22-year-old will address the seventh annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday in Washington, along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell.

Rose, who converted to Catholicism two years ago, is founder and president of Live Action, which she calls “a new media pro-life organization.” The group has released dozens of covertly taped videos in which Rose and other activists pose as pimps or underage girls seeking abortions, birth control or exams from unwitting Planned Parenthood clinics.

Joseph Cella, a conservative political consultant who founded the prayer breakfast, called Rose a poster child for Jesus’ counsel that Christians be “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

“Lila is one of the bright young leaders of the pro-life movement,” Cella said. “She is going to be around for a long time.”

Cella acknowledged, though, that Rose’s work has provoked a “family squabble” among conservative Christians.

In fact, the Live Action debate seems less an internecine spat than a university seminar, with philosophers and political scientists consumed by a clear-cut but complex question: Is it ever moral to lie?

Rose said Live Action’s deceptive tactics serve a larger truth.

“The purpose of all our visual investigative work is to expose abuses and injustices against those who are defenseless,” she said.

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  1. A lie is a lie, period. When we too become deceptive, even for a “greater good”, we debase ourselves as true Christians. I thought it was wrong when Breibart did this, and I think it’s wrong when Rose does it.

    It’s disappointing that she would be chosen as the pro-life speaker at the Catholic Prayer Service. A much more powerful, and fully Catholic in principle witness, would be a genuine Eucharistic Catholic, giving witness to the true power of the Eucharist/Mass which is of course, the only real hope in transforming the hearts of pro aborts.

    Dressing up like a pimp in combo with the “Fox news mentality/publicity” good girl scenario is far from heroic virtue in the pro life movement. This is satan we are up against, straight from the gates of hell. Who but Jesus (Eucharist) could possibly win this fight? This is another example of deceptive “pretty packaging”, one of the evil one’s greatest tricks.

    The book will be next, it’s a no brainer.

  2. A lie is a lie. By your definition any person who has ever acted in a play or a movie are evil. You are telling me we can’t act out the passion? Get real Klaire. So killing is killing? There is not “just war”? And with your line of logic a catholic is a Catholic. Playing a roll that represents a real life scenario and simply recording the natural events does not constitute evil. Lila is seeking transparency and allowing people to get a peak behind the curtain, because of the purposeful deceit from the left. When you distort truth, misrepresent and defraud in order to commit evil – you are evil. Intent – what God sees in our heart, is what determines sin. That is why the commandment does not say thou shall not lie. It talks about false witnessing – misrepresenting others. If Lila misrepresented others, than she would be sinning, but she is not misrepresenting others. She is merely playing a roll to shine some light into the darkness. The moral equivalence mindset is disturbing and not very Catholic. God knows Truth and he knows intent, and he Knows what is Catholic. The Truth is black and white, but moral equivalency is NOT Catholic.

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