Michael Voris appearance rescheduled

After his appearance at a Catholic university in Scranton was scrapped last weekend, the popular speaker and media personality will be coming to a secular site nearby this Saturday:

Michael Voris is scheduled to speak at the Best Western Genetti Hotel and Conference Center in Wilkes-Barre at 6:30 p.m.

His talk, “Living Catholicism Radically,” was canceled after the university and diocese determined that he had expressed views at odds with their values in Internet television shows he produces about Catholic issues.

In a letter to the talk’s organizers, Paul and Kristen Ciaccia of Harveys Lake, the diocese further explained that it learned from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Mr. Voris’ home Archdiocese of Detroit that Mr. Voris’ presentations have caused “a number of controversies” and that his programs are not endorsed by his home archdiocese.

The Ciaccias said in a news release that they chose to reschedule Mr. Voris at a secular site and invited Bishop Joseph Bambera to attend the event “to evaluate Mr. Voris’ knowledge of the faith, free from opinions formed by others.”

The Ciaccias called the banning of Mr. Voris from diocesan property “insensitive” and said it “belies deeper inconsistencies in diocesan policy.”

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31 responses to “Michael Voris appearance rescheduled”

  1. Deacon Greg,

    Perhaps I overlooked its mention, but I don’t seem to recall anyone mentioning the real subtext to this story, and that is the resignation a year ago by Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino.

    Martino was very much like Mike Voris, ardently pro-life and unapologetic in his confrontation of pro-choice Catholic politicians. Martino’s style alienated a great many in his diocese, and it’s not at all surprising that those who outlasted him should be gunning for Voris.

    Just sayin’….

  2. Scranton diocese has no problems at all when speakers who advocate homosexual lifestyle and whose speech is laden with anti-Catholic sentiments deliver poisonous trash within “Catholic” (take special note of the inverted commas) facilities, yet when an honest and true representation of the faith is presented, suddenly the speaker is canned. When one reads the media portrayal of Michael Voris, it is almost impossible not to see him as a some fanatic right-wing, crazy religious man. On the other hand when Michael’s videos are compared with the Deposit of Faith, it is impossible to find ONE TINY BIT of contradiction.

  3. KM wrote: “…when Michael’s videos are compared with the Deposit of Faith, it is impossible to find ONE TINY BIT of contradiction.”

    From what I’ve seen of him I concur, but I’m no expert. If only someone in The Church Bureaucratic would take the time actually to review his material and make a pronouncement one way or the other, it would be of great help to those of us who watch him and think: “Boy, I like this fellow, but I wish he weren’t so dour.”

    I know Bp. Fabian Bruskewicz seems to be in his corner, but he’s no darling of the USCCB either.

  4. I have only seen Mr. Voris’s program a few times about a year ago. I found his message OK but his style offputting and didn’t tune in again.

    However, I remember it was a year ago when Mr. Voris was criticising the USCCB for it’s contributions (collected from parishes via the Campaign for Human Development) to social agency coalitions, some of whom had members who supported abortion. About the same time he pointed out that the USCCB had put Stations of the Cross on their website that included messages from these same abortion supporting groups. After his programs created some outrage, the Stations were taken down with nary a comment or apology from the bishops. Mr. Voris was blaming a liberal social justice culture that had overtaken the staff at USCCB.

    Perhaps there are some long memories at the USCCB?

  5. …a few thoughts on this:

    – “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” – St. John Chrysostom (who never met Joseph Martino, Fabian Bruskewicz, Charles Chaput, Raymond Burke, the Bp. from Santa Fe (whose name escapes me) who recently wrote a pastoral letter reminding the faithful (and the not-so-faithful) about sexual morality, et al of their orthodox ilk)

    – “The Church Bureaucratic” This is priceless, a true keeper!

    – I Like Mike!!

  6. It’s hard to understand the appeal of Michael Voris, who comes across like a Catholic Elmer Gantry, constantly pointing his finger at the speck in his brother’s eye–with special glee if the brother in question is a bishop or at least a clergyman. The speck he sees is almost always some Six-Degrees-of-Separation link to a group or individual supporting legal abortion. If only the institutional church would crack down, his videos imply, the abortion holocaust would come to a halt.

    I suppose blaming others for the perpetuation of a cultural abomination is tempting even for faithful Catholics. But it is simply not the responsibility of our bishops to bring popular culture and other aspects of the secular world into conformity with gospel norms. That is the challenge given to those with positions of responsibility in that world: the laity. What a shame that so many of those who see themselves as “real” Catholics are too busy casting stones at the shepherds of our flock.

  7. ron c, I say this not in support of Mr. Voris but in clarification. He was criticising the USCCB for it’s CHD financial support of organizations (as well as affiliation) whose missions are in direct opposition to the Church on matters of contraception and abortion. Shouldn’t that outrage any Catholic donor?

  8. The truth is very hard to swallow by those who oppose the truth, Michael tells the truth and is not afraid of who goes after him, i wish i had his knowledge and valor to go out there and do the same. God bless Michael and keep him safe!

  9. ron,

    You’ve maybe seen more of Mr. Voris than have I, but I think that it’s fair to say that the Church Bureaucratic (to pilfer a delicious phrase coined by another above) by and large fails to consistently preach the hard sayings of Jesus, which are very much out of season.

    I’m not sure that anyone, Voris included, is suggesting that it’s the bishops’ job to conform the popular culture to the Gospel, but what I do think is that he’s very defensibly saying that catechises, an utter wreckage today, IS their job (and, yes, ours too, but theirs first and foremost.)

    P. S. I think that you’re at odds with St. John Chrysostom over the concept of blaming (some) bishops; no offense, but my money’s on him.

  10. Ron C, Mr Voris is doing us all a favor of NOT being silent on the shame that a some bishops are NOT following Rome! The blame is not on Mr Voris but the individual bishops that are acting so Un-Catholic. Silence is what has made our Church stink and Mr Voris is only helping to point out the inconsistancies that exsist…and naming names is the only way for the job to get done. Also, Mr Voris is constantly pointing out that it is not just the bishops, but the laity that work for the bishops and the laity that DON’T work for the bishops! I am a convert and I am ANGERED that the bishops don’t see that people like myself didn’t come into THE Church for the fluff that we could have gotten in any other christian church. Go Mr Voris! I hope you make more people squirm in their skin! God wants us all to make it to Heaven and you are helping that happen!!! Oh, wait! Those that don’t listen to what Mr Voris says don’t realize that this is what he always says when exposing the lies, “Pray for the bishops!” That is not looking at your brothers speck, that is being charitable to the Church!

  11. Michael Voris must be having a profound effect, otherwise, people wouldn’t be writting about him. I am greatful for his work and contribute monthy to RealCatholicTV.

  12. On Mr Voris

    The Catholic Church needs more like this man. If Catholicism want to abdicate her moral standing to the onslaught of the extreme Protestant they will have a fight with me and I suspect many Catholics if Mr Voris and others stand the line.

    The Evangelical Protestants which have too long run their mouths on their Moral majority bus have no right to their arrogance of faith, the John3: 3 and John 3:5 crowd give me the largest pain I have ever had.

    I will provide my Catholic brethren a reference which I would ask a minute to brows. In 2006 Sept/Oct Foreign Affairs Magazine had an excerpt from a great story on Evangelicals, It was an eye opening, well researched piece on this phenomena. I did not know hate could become so mainstream.

    “God’s War” is must read for all Catholics it explains in unflattering terms the disdain and hate these men and women have for the Catholic among the neighborhoods you may live and their attempts to eliminate your right to live within their midst on that “Christian” ethic.

    If Catholics do not call out these miscreants in faith, if Catholics don’t call out those politician that pander endlessly to certain divinity; if Catholics do not stand and deliver what is being Catholic all about.

    Collectively we need to get over the sins of the priests which disappointed us all, the Bishops which let us down, time will take their toll, should we not be resilient on out support of the magisterial authority and all that goes with it. These clown take all the work the Catholic Church did in Africa and now they trumpet their awakening, they take the abortion issue from the richness of the only Church which stand for the sanctity of live, Catholicism.

    Mr Voris I wish you well and hope you find you way to the television and radio and say what needs to be said. We seem to be losing those champions of faith monthly, we need a voice which states truth regardless of how hard it get. Thank you. Sic Transit Gloria

  13. May Jesus Christ Be Praised!
    What seems clear is that many Catholics are as yet able to understand that there is very real corruption in the hierarchy of our Church. To say that many, many bishops are not doing the job that they are called to do is very much understating it. Whence comes such ignorance when this truth is so very obvious? Bishops are supporting pro aborts, are supporting the homosexual ‘lifestyle’ as an ‘orientation’, and are marginalizing orthodox catholics. Not all of them, it is true, but many of them. What has happened to MIchael Voris has happened to many orthodox persons who dare to challenge the pitifully poor performance of the USCCB. Cathoics delude themselves badly if they think that all they have to do is ‘think with their bishop’. The Church is where Christ is, and frankly, He is not with any Bishop who does not uphold the teachngs of Holy Mother Church as given to us in Her Magisterium and in our Holy Father.. It is time to stop denying reality and stand with Christ.

  14. Michael Voris is doing wonderful work in his apostolate and I agree that we need more courageous men like him in the Church to counter the ‘dour” statistics of a horrendous loss of faith and morals permitted and even fostered by the cafeteria catholics, priests and bishops who are directly and in many cases deliberately responsible. I see a huge positive response and respect for Michael. Truth is indeed “off-putting” to these individuals. This current issue is a shining example of the solid truth of Mr. Voris’ commentaries. It is only the sin-blinded who cannot see the scandal of a bishop/bishops/universities who tolerate radical, pro-abortion lesbian feminists and the like to take precedence over a commentary by a Catholic who speaks truth. It you disagree with this folks, better take your examinarion of conscience and lukewarmness temp and fast.
    Who knows, maybe your own “tone” will become more manly.

  15. Look at the source of criticism: a diocese filled with liberal dissent from basic Catholic teachings. Screams of protest from sefl-hating Catholics is not news, of course, but it does show how thoroughly indoctrinated many of America’s bishops have become to the vanishing liberal creed. Michael Voris is a straght-talking, and humorous, orthodox Catholic believer. A triumphalist of the first order, as all true Catholics should be. Notice how general and coded are the rejection statements. Catholics should jump up and say, “you do not speak for me!” to such nonsense as that put out by the Scranton diocese and the “professional Catholics” of the USCCB (a thoroughly useless institution). Michael Voris will triumph — even if he is forced to speak in the local park. Imagine, being prosecuted for saying “uncharitable” things such as: (1) Islam is not to be compared to Christianity; (2) homosexual sex is sinful (mortally sinful); and (3) liberal Catholicism does not teach the true faith. Go get ’em Michael.

  16. The real issue here is that time and time again, Voris lays the blame of the current issues in Catholicism at the feet of the bishops and archbishops and, he does it rightfully so. Too many of our bishops have become “watered” down and have refused to speak about the numerous social issues that EVERY Catholic must face from a secular world. Honestly, when was the last time your pastor spoke against abortion or homosexual acts? Is it any wonder why Catholics view homosexual “marriage” as okay?

    I must congratulate Mr. Voris for his steadfastedness and perserverance in the face of an onslaught from those “professional catholics.” I had hugh reservations about RealCatholicTV when I first started going to the site over a year ago but, after listening to Voris’ programs AND doing my own research, I was able to see that Voris really does have a good finger to the current Catholic pulse. His programs are insightful and always Catholic. He makes no excuses for it and for that he should be commended.

  17. “Welcome to the Vortex, where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed” — I love his daily videos on the Catholic topic du jour. As you can tell, I am familiar with Michael Voris’ writings and videos and do not find any whiff of heresy whatsoever. IMHO, he’s a true Catholic Knight and Warrior who takes no prisoners in his defense of the faith and authentic Roman Catholicism. He names names and the USCCB bureacrats or as he calls them “professional Catholics” , have taken notice and he’s a marked man. But that doesn’t cower him. He’s fearless and the people in the pews who are informed about the mess and garbage in the Church, fully support him.
    The real villains in this particular story is the Archdiocese of Detroit, who is colluding with their minions in the USCCB. It’s obvious they’re out to destroy him, and use subterfuge and innuendo to slander him. They never address the points he makes, but instead, choose to label him a nut. As the Word of God says ”

    To learn more about how bad things are in the Archdiocese of Detroit, please read Matt Abbott’s column at RenewAmerica.com. Here’s the link: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/abbott/110408

    One final thought..the sordid state of heretical bishops and lay Catholics is an urgent call to pray for our priests and bishops, a third of whom will be swept by the tail of the dragon (Satan via the Dragon), as the late Holy Father Pope John Paul II stated at Fatima in his last visit.

  18. Ron C. says:

    “But it is simply not the responsibility of our bishops to bring popular culture and other aspects of the secular world into conformity with gospel norms.”

    I disagree. Ron is wrong. I believe it IS their responsibility. They will fail (in the short term), but they should try. Lay persons should also try. Thank you Michael Voris for your holy boldness and I do not find you “dour”.

  19. I realize that followers of Michael Voris are generally not fans of Vatican II (too many bishops there, I guess). But this is what one of its Magisterial documents says about the responsibility of the laity (including, presumably, acolytes of Voris):

    Secular duties and activities belong properly although not exclusively to laymen. . . . Laymen should also know that it is generally the function of their well-formed Christian conscience to see that the divine law is inscribed in the life of the earthly city. (Gaudium et Spes, §43)

    The same section of the same authoritative Conciliar document adds a caution that Voris devotees would be especially well advised to heed:

    Often enough the Christian view of things will itself suggest some specific solution in certain circumstances. Yet it happens rather frequently, and legitimately so, that with equal sincerity some of the faithful will disagree with others on a given matter. Even against the intentions of their proponents, however, solutions proposed on one side or another may be easily confused by many people with the Gospel message. Hence it is necessary for people to remember that no one is allowed in the aforementioned situations to appropriate the Church’s authority for his opinion. They should always try to enlighten one another through honest discussion, preserving mutual charity and caring above all for the common good. (Gaudium et Spes, §43)

  20. Thanks to Ron C. for making my argument for me, as follows:

    “although not exclusively to laymen”

    “They should always try to enlighten one another through honest discussion, preserving mutual charity and caring above all for the common good.”

    Mr. Voris does exactly that, with TRUE charity (tough love). And Mr. Voris has always acknowledged that he is a sinner (as I am). But even sinners are to pont out the sins of others. Just as Ron C. is pointing at the speck in Mr. Voris’s eye. Thanks for reinforcing my argument Ron. I beleive that Mr. Voris is motivated by true love rather than hatred.


    Dave the sinner

  21. Ron:

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t often see someone quoting from a Document of Vatican II, especially that gem, “Gaudium et spes.”

    So frequently I read negative backlash about Vatican II and criticism of catechesis since that time. I am starting to think that maybe the issue is this: Catholics have not had proper catechesis on the actual documents of Vatican II. Even though the Catechism is full of quotes and teaching from Vatican II, I think that we have to read the primary sources to get a full picture.

    Some thoughts on the recent issues about Catholic teachers in the media:

    I am finding it hard to distinguish what is the starting point of some of the Catholic Bloggers and media spokespersons. Is it the Gospel message of Jesus or is it a particular political agenda?

  22. This is a frightening blog with some of the most hateful, disturbing comments I’ve even read, posing as Catholic teaching. Not Catholic, not Christian, no evidence of discipleship.

  23. Olivia:

    I too have found the comments here disturbing. However, we can no longer ignore the truth that some, perhaps many, or even a majority of those who comprise the USCCB, have supported directly or indirectly, positions that are “Not Catholic, not Christian, (and exhibit) no evidence of discipleship.”
    It can be frightening to learn for yourself that Pope Paul VI was correct when he said, “the smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” I beg of you to consider Judas this Holy Week. “He allowed his love for the Lord to grow cold, and there remained only the mere external appearance of discipleship. His life of loving surrender to God had become a farce” (F. Fernandez). This was Judas, one of the twelve from whom the phrase Judas-priests comes. Clearly, Our Lord knew him and He knows them. Frightening? Disturbing? You betcha! Some might call it the Agony in the Garden….
    But we as faithful adherents to Jesus and his Church, are obedient to the other apostle that denied Christ: Peter. We are obedient to his Sucessor and the Magisterium and while the cross may be difficult to bear at times, especially when the voice of Judas is so loud and his actions so contrary to Love, the Joy is unmeasurable! To suffer as He did; to hear His whispered yet consolatory “If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you;” to be held by the truth that is the Communion of Saints — there are not words. “Eye has not seen nor ear heard” what God has for you, Olivia, if only you will, like Mr. Voris “Be not afraid!”

  24. Ron Chandonia seems to be gasping for air at the likes of Michael Voris for “… casting stones at the sheppards…” Hey Ron, you might want to become a premium member of the Vortex and learn some current facts of our Church leadership today. I’ll give you a preview of information…90%+ of our sheppards are on a delayed nap for providing leadership to the faithful. The fact that everyone knows the handful of courageous Bishops, by the way, the same handful, should point to the question….where are the rest of them??? The nonsense going on at catholic (small c) colleges is preposterous. [Ref: Jesuits} Where are the Bishops on these goings on? Silent Ron, Silent. How could one not think there are other agenda’s in play here.

    Michael Voris is a Catholic rock star. If you believe him wrong, then prove him wrong, with facts not limp wristed pop theology of the liberals that are the root problem of our Church.

  25. The real questions to be asked are: Why was Michael excluded while a pro-lesbian pro abortion person allowed to speak during the short reign of the Bishop of Scranton? Why did the bishop have an underling write the document, and he not sign such an important document limiting a Catholic in good standing from speaking in his parish? Why does the document list NO CANONS in an official statement that has canonical implications? How does the dioceses’ actions interact with Michael’s natural God given right to his reputation and affirmed in Canon 220 of the code? Why were there no quotes taken from Michael’s numerous statements in the document used against him? (I mean how many hours of tape is there on this guy, tonns.) Why does the diocesan document not quote from other church documents such as the decree on ecuminism, or Dignatus Humanea if the diocese feels that he has violated Church teaching? What level of condemnation is this from the diocese? Has the Diocese of Scranton denied communion with a member of the faithful in union with the bishop of Rome? Why would the bishop not speak with either one of the people who set this event up or even Michael? Does not a Catholic have a right to make their spiritual needs known?

    And once this is established: will the diocese list their charges against the Mr. Voris? Or will they retract their statements and make restitution to his reputation? (Also handling the underling who did this if it was done by an element gone Rogue.)

    And deferring to Detroit only delays the questions, because then we have to address their claims and what exactly they said, and just because one bishop says something does not excuse the Diocese from doing their homework.

    If you like or do not like Voris that is not the issue. We are a Church of Canon Law! Michael had rights and they were trampled on by the Diocese of Scranton. Someone from the diocese has to explain what happened, AND REPAIR THE DAMAGE!!!

  26. Semper …

    You seem to believe that Michael Voris is under indictment or facing charges related to civil or canon law. He isn’t.

    The University of Scranton owns the venue where Voris was to appear. They can decide who they do or do not want speaking on campus. It’s their right, not his. Since Voris is a Catholic, who speaks on Church issues, it would be natural for many attending the conference to believe that he speaks for the Church — and, because of the venue, that he speaks for the Diocese of Scranton. The Diocese of Scranton made clear in its statement that it is not entirely comfortable with some of Voris’s statements, and so elected not to let him appear, lest people think that he was speaking for the Church. Again, that’s their right. It’s a judgment call, that’s all.

    The other speaker you mentioned was part of a discussion on gay issues at another Catholic university. According to press reports, her talk was preceded by remarks by the school’s president, who made clear the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. It’s debatable whether that was a wise decision on the part of the university, or the Diocese of Scranton.

    As for Detroit: they evidently have a system in place for those who wish to have an apostolate approved. According to the Archdiocese, Michael Voris’s media operation has elected not to follow that protocol, and so it has not received Archdiocesan approval.

    Dcn. G.

  27. You are partially correct in that “Da U” as we alums call it can indeed make such a decision, but his speaking engagement was not ever at The University of Scranton.

    So The University does have such rights, as they had the rights to have a poetry book with a bunch of gay poems in the late 1990‘s, or to have a pamphlet issued from their health office telling people to put condoms on before they went to a party so they don’t forget (like that will work), or to have a play where males had one balloon between their legs for a phallus and two for testes, and they could even have their condemned philosophy book by ‘Often B Bailey’ (Harold Bailey’s moral theology was condemned for making statements about church teaching and end of life issues. I have a copy if you want me to quote it.) But the issue of Da U is not the issue!!! For Michael was not scheduled to speak there. So they could have said no if they wanted, but it was not them.

    Michael was scheduled to speak at Marywood. Now Marywood is not the University of Scranton. Though they do have some interchange with classes and a bus that takes students from one university to another. The University Of Scranton is a Jesuit Institution, Marywood is an IHM (Jokingly called the I Have Money sisters, but I have to say they don‘t seem to wealthy to me so this joke always escaped me.) School. Da U is in Scranton, Marywood is more in Dunmore.

    The Issue at hand is that after the talk was canceled TWO TIMES at Marywood. (It was on, then it was off, then it was on again then it was off.) The talk was moved to “St Paul’s-St Clair’s School” This is a school run under the auspices of the bishop of Scranton of which he technically owns the land. (Ref the dioceses own web page on this school http://www.dioceseofscranton.org/catholicschools/locate-a-school/ ) When some people went to the diocese to complain the diocese issued a statement which said: “The Diocese of Scranton has determined that Mr. Voris will not be allowed to speak in a Diocesan or parish facility.”(Statement 04-07-2011) This document was issued in the regular e-mail packets from the account of his chancellor, and could be found on the official diocesan web page. Once this was issued Mr. Vorris could not speak at the St Peter and St Paul’s School, or any diocesan location.

  28. Yet he Michael a Catholic in Good standing. This has canonical implications. The people of God (Referring to the faithful) have rights and obligations guaranteed by the law of the Church (May I add this includes you as a Deacon and the bishop as another cleric because you two are also have the rights shared by the faithful, though you are also canonically in the clerical state.) As a Cleric in the church you are a particular person under Canon Law with other obligations and rights as the bishop is also with even more rights and obligations. I Believe Michael’s canonical rights may have been violated. When you state: “Again, that’s their right. It’s a judgment call, that’s all.” This is not entirely true.

    The bishop cannot just cut someone off because he does not like him. If this were the case every time a new bishop came in he would be throwing out all the priests and deacons who disagree with him. No bishop plays that game, they at least trump up charges to tie the guy up in a canon law case. The same thing holds true for the faithful; the dioceses’ statement has canonical implications to Michael’s good name, his reputation, and his perceived status by other members of the faithful which the ordinary of Scranton is obligated to protect and uphold.

    You write “You seem to believe that Michael Voris is under indictment or facing charges related to civil or canon law.” This is the question indeed. They claim he is not, yet their document gives the illusion that he is. You cannot have the best of both worlds, canonically either he is or he is not. You are correct when you note officially “He isn’t.” And this is my point, the diocese cannot just issue vague documents that alter a person’s ‘good name’ and say it is not canonical. It is cowardly to issue a document that effects a person’s perceived status under the law and not cite canons. Fr. Clark, Mr. Wet behind the ears canon lawyer, and The JCL’d Bishop of Scranton both should understand this. They cannot play these games with people’s rights, and Mr. Vorris should act against them both canonically and Civilly. Remember it was Fr. Clark the Vicar General who stated: “allowing him to speak at a diocesan facility would imply that Bishop Bambera is endorsing his views.” This is as if there is a problem with his views, but they have never listed the said problems. Their either intentionally or incompetently vague document gives one the perception of what is not the case. They are allowed to slip and slide while slandering the reputation of Michael, and claiming they have not done anything. They are issuing official statements without being specific and this as my father used to say is not a manly act!!! “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” The bishop is the master teacher in his diocese, and all places that have the name “Catholic’ he is responsible for their designation.

  29. May Jesus Christ Be Praised!

    As usual, the comments about Michael Voris are clearly in his favor; it is also clear that Deacon Greg Kandra does not like Mr. Voris. This is because he (the Deacon) is uncomfortable with anyone stating outloud that the Catholic Church has an elephant in the living room, and protesting that the Bishops are also in denial (at the very least) of this fact. Those in denial of the state of the Church do indeed bless the grinning vacuity that marks the demeanor of the Church ‘professionals’ running our chanceries. The resistance to, and dislike of, Michael Voris is very telling. Stay with principles, Deacon, and leave your opinions about ‘style’ and ‘attitude’ out of it. What discomforts you is what you need to reflect on.

  30. “…there is very real corruption in the hierarchy of our Church. To say that many, many bishops are not doing the job that they are called to do is very much understating it.”

    ## If so, Rome must take some of the blame. Unfortunately, self-appointed laymen like MV, with his far from Catholic *approach*, are not the answer, but part of the problem.

    “Michael Voris is a Catholic rock star.”

    ## Just what the Church needs…not !

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