Worth a thousand words: a Deacon heads to mass

That would be Reese Witherspoon’s young son, Deacon Phillippe. (I can’t tell you how often I’ve Googled the word “Deacon” and stories about this kid have popped up.  Really.  Who’s his agent?)

Photographers snapped him — along with his mother, sister and new step-dad — heading to Easter mass at a Catholic church in Santa Monica, California.

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5 responses to “Worth a thousand words: a Deacon heads to mass”

  1. Is “Deacon” the child’s baptismal name? I can’t imagine any cleric with a brain consenting to be a party to that. Must have been an especially “vibrant” parish where that took place.

  2. Well… first of all, we don’t know that that’s the kid’s baptismal name. Might be a family name or middle name.

    Second, there are (obviously) a tonload of deacon saints, who (unlike priests) include “the Deacon” in their normal bynames. So if you baptized the kid “Paul Philip-the-Deacon”, it wouldn’t be any different than baptizing him “Justin-Martyr” or “Michael-angelo”.

    Third, as it happens, there is a “St. Diaconus” (who was a deacon, but that was also his name) who was martyred in Marsi by the Lombards; his feast is celebrated on March 14. So the Witherspoons have every right to use Diaconus or any translation of it as a personal baptismal name.

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