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“Our call is truly to service of God’s people, and our presence on the altar represents the service of the whole parish community. We have one foot on the altar and one in the pew…We [deacons] have this special ability to talk about the Gospel from the view of parents, husbands, managers, home-buyers and workers out in the community. It’s humbling and it’s a privilege.”

– James O’Rourke, set to be ordained a deacon this Saturday.

Read more of his story here. 


  1. Very true! I think that is the power of the deacon ministry, to be a bridge between these two spheres. Yet there seems to be some uncertainty in many dioceses as to the role of the deacon. Some see it exclusively as a ministry of service to the poor; others see it negatively as glorified altar boys.

    I think that service to the poor, liturgical ministry are only two parts of a vast field of action for permanent deacons.

  2. Jim and Steve are great men – I have had the privilege of attending theology school with them.

    God bless and ad multos annos to them!

  3. Deacon Walter Ayres says:

    THe diocese of Albany is blessed to have Jim and Steve (and Fran, too).

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