What's it like to give the opening prayer at the Indy 500?

Well, Indianapolis Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Coyne shares that and more in his blog.   He seems smitten by both Kelly Clarkson and Florence Henderson.  (Picture below!)

The bishop’s prayer:

“Good and gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of this marvelous day and for all blessings in our lives as we gather on this Sunday for this closing race of the centennial era, the Indy 500, the greatest spectacle in racing. It is a blessing for us all to be here and enjoy a day of fun here in the great Hoosier State. We thank you, Lord, and we are grateful.

“Not only are we grateful to you Lord for all of your generosity but we are grateful, as well, to the Hulman-George Family and the Izod Indy Series for making this spectacle possible for all of us to enjoy during these past few weeks. May they and their families be blessed.

“We also lift up heartfelt prayers of intercession on this Memorial Day Weekend for all of the women and men of our armed forces who died in defense of this great nation. May they rest in peace. We pray for the safety of all those now serving in our armed forces who stand in harm’s way for us, against all violence, war, and terrorism. Lord, hold them in the palm of your hands, safely under your loving care.

“Finally, Lord, we pray that you protect all of the drivers, crew members, safety personnel, team owners, and spectators from any harm or injury today. May we have good weather, a safe race, and lots of speed, noise, and excitement.

“Trusting in you always, we make our prayers in praise of your holy name, now and forever. Amen.”

You can read more and see more pictures at the link.

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