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Well, actually, I have no wisdom.  But I have pens.  Every booth here is giving away free pens.  Which is appropriate, since the Catholic Media Convention is in Pen-nsylvania.  Heh.

The days here in Pittsburgh have been more crowded than I anticipated.  I’ve fallen behind on blogging — but have had wonderful opportunities to spend quality time with some of the fine folks from Our Sunday Visitor, the National Catholic Register, Magnificat and bunch of writers and editors from some of the best Catholic newspapers and magazines in America.  (Shared a table and downed a Guinness one night with Elizabeth Scalia and John Norton, from OSV —  and you couldn’t ask for better company or livelier conversation.)

Last night, Cardinal Donald Wuerl celebrated mass for us at St. Paul Cathedral, and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Carnegie Museum, where Cardinal John Foley gave the keynote, laced with wisdom and wit.   He told us it was his first trip since he’d returned to the states, where he’s being treated for leukemia; while he looked frailer, and had to deliver his talk seated, he has lost none of his charm.  After a glowing introduction that paid tribute to his life and work, Cardinal Foley thanked everyone and replied, “It’s nice to be canonized without the inconvenience of actually having to die.”  It was great.  (Quote of the night: once, when asked about the difference between the secular media and Catholic media, the good cardinal replied, “The secular media covers the crashes.  We cover the landings.”)

Meantime…if you haven’t caught it yet, John Corapi has another statement over at  The Black Sheepdog.

And Michael Voris has some thoughts on the Corapi story, too.

I’ve been reading comments here, and trying to keep track of who’s saying what.   I’m sure there’s other stuff out there, but I honestly haven’t had time to check around.   Maybe later today.

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50 responses to “Conventional wisdom”

  1. I think one of the best summaries of Corapi’s ambiguities and conflicting statements and actions is this post at a Catholic Answers forum:

    It lays it all out dispassionately.

    And Mike Voris..castigating others on “tone?”


    And Mike Voris speaking with dripping disdain for “professional Catholics?”

    He who charges $10 month for “premium” access to his website and sells DVDs himself?

    Sounds like a “professional Catholic” making money from the Faith to me.

  2. I wonder what other repercussions would entail regarding Fr. Corapi’s recent actions. An example is if other “popular” priests in disagreement with their bishop/religious superior would leave their public ministry too; use an alias and rely on the backing of the “fanbase” they have garnered. Not an impossibility, as the Church is attacked as always – but nothing short of anarchy as well. If it’s so right and okay for one anyway. Where do you draw the line?

    Just my concern with the Church as a whole and the priesthood.
    Lastly, I really hope the Vatican may take action on this.

  3. I just started a Divine Mercy Novena at my blog for Father Corapi and all affected by this chapter in his life. Tonight is night 3 (9PM EST). After that, I’m done with the story. I think that Corapi is going to have a vastly diminished fan base when this is all over.

    He claims that he’s going out on his own because the bishops never supported him when false allegation came his way, that he had to fight alone. I fail to see where becoming a lone wolf changes that dynamic at all.

    In any event, prayer is the order of the day. The man is obviously suffering, and so are many who feel a close spiritual kinship with him. After that, I’m not helping to try a case in the media.

    I wish him well.

  4. I just read Father Corapi’s statement today and have to say it is totally consistent as to what I and others who have followed him for years have been trying to explain. Admittingly, I still have some concerns, but from day one of this “story”, assumed what he is doing is exactly what he just explained he is doing.

    I also listened to Michale Voris, who is also not so off the mark IMO, albeit I have a different as to who the pro catholics target audience really is, “each other.”

    The probem with “professional catholics” isn’t “charging”, it really IS the tone. Perhaps Mark Shea you more than any can appreciate how someone like myself sees your attitute and tone: like a Protestant and sola scriptura, cherry picking every word and action. omitting the parts that “dont’ fit”, without knowing all of the facts and certainly not the “big picture”, let alone a Catholic Priest who’s word is worth a bit more than “A Starbucks cup of coffee” or to be referred to as “dog”, while in your arrogance letting us little folks “vent.”

    Even worse, most of you admitted that you “never really knew the guy.” But once it became a story with cash for hits, oh boy!

    While I am no appointed apologist for Father Corapi, I will not sit silent and fail to defend a priest from what I still believe will be the biggest take home message of the “Corapi Story” when it all shakes out; the lack of benignity of the “professional catholic media”, who , with exceptions and Dcn. Greg being one of them for the most part, write for “each other” far more than for “we the sheep.”

    Worst case scenario, Father Z had it right. Best case scenario, Father Corapi is still in God’s grace and obedience, making the best of a difficult if not impossible situation.

    Again, if those who have the most detracting things to say really knew the bigger picture of Father Corapi, they would know only a fool would second guess him, short of a diabolical takover, which is starting to look less and less like the case.

    Lastly, I stay “stay tune”, and again, “wait and see,” as the “Corapi Story”, is anything but over.

  5. Cool! My sked is pretty tight, unfortunately. I wish I had more free time to explore. It’s a great city.

  6. It is interesting to look at Fr. Corapi’s latest post for the things he doesn’t say as opposed to what he is saying.

    This post from Fr. Corapi strikes me as curious in two ways.

    No where in his post does he talk about counsel from God through prayer. Men advising man without the benefit of prayerful communication is folly at best. Let us pray Fr. Corapi is seeking divine guidance. Interesting that he fails to mention prayer as part of his “strategy.”

    Addtionally, in this latest impassioned response from Fr. Corapi, he also fails to mention the very word that all this is truly, truly about. In all of the travails and woes detailed in his post, no where – not once – does Fr. Corapi invoke the power of the name of “Jesus.” Fr. Corapi makes oblique inferences. But the name of Jesus, a simple calling out, is missing. Why is this so?

    Where, one might conclude, is his focus?

    If there are issues with the church, please Father Corapi, remind us again – whose church is it?

  7. Corapi wrote on his blog: “The past several years I never charged a fee to speak at events either.” I find this interesting as other writers state Corapi was charging $3000 plus travel expenses to speech at Catholic churches.

  8. If you dig a little deeper you will see that Corapi did not pay the expenses for his mega rallies. Local sponsors and churches raised the funds themselves. What would be interesting is to see the actual contract to see how much Corapi was due to be paid.

    Corapi drives a BMW, owns multiple properties, a slip in an exclusive yacht club, his own corporation, places $100,000 bets; yet claims poverty?

    Priest cancels fundraiser amid sex, drug allegations

  9. Deacon Greg, I just read your bishop’s strongly worded statement on the collapse of traditional marriage in your home state. Sure hope you take time away from your out-of-state sojourn to weigh in on the matter.

  10. I saw that, too, Ron. I hope to post more later today. Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling most of the day, and need to work on tomorrow’s homily, so blogging may be spotty for a bit…

  11. Hello, deacon.

    If ever you write another piece on Fr. Corapi, could you please clarify for us if this claim is true?

    “[Priests] lives and obligations are very different. [Fr. Corapi] may want to step away from his priesthood, but a priest he is, and that means that any public ministry without ecclesial approbation will be PROTESTANT ministry, not Catholic.”

    “… While on “administrative leave,” a suspended priest can neither preach nor teach religion; his intention to do so anyway would be a movement toward the Protestant camp, no matter what the message.”

    If such is the case, then we really have a problem. Source from another priest Fr. Joe

    Thanks and God bless!

  12. Phil you are the epitome of a troll, and dare I say, not the brightest bulb in “trollville.”

    For starters, no one who came to hear Father Corapi speak thought they were going to a “rally” or a 3 hour “homily.”

    It would also make perfect sense to “not” charge for a large event but need to charge for a single parish, parish “not being an “event.”

    You obviously are clueless to public speakers and speakers’ fees. Otherwise, you would realize that $3000 is a drop in a bucket (and about the average for a Catholic speaker).

    To put it into perspective, most talk radio hosts charge in the $15- $30,000 for a one hour talk, while political celebs rarely start under $100,000 a speech! Speaker fees are based on popularity and education/experience. Being that Father Corapi has a Ph.D in Sacred Scripture, is a Catholic Priest, and is in huge demand, in the secular world, his fee would be at least $50-100,000.

    As for his wealth, so what? What business is that of yours? He didn’t take a vow of poverty, nor do you know how much of that wealth he gives to charity, or how, when it’s all said and done, that wealth will live on for serving the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Maybe he is going to leave it all to EWTN. Who are you to judge that? As I said before, if I make it to heaven, there isn’t enough money in the world to repay Father Corapi for helping me get there!

    He never made any secret that before his conversion, he was a savvy businessman. Subsequently, it was that business savvy that helped him (along with EWTN) reach souls worldwide. Since when did earning potential become a sin?

    Sounds like jealousy to me, by you and all the rest who feel the need to dwell on it along with cherry picking every nuance; the sure sign of a person with an agenda devoid of love of neighbor and brother in Christ.

  13. I have mostly fond memories of Pgh – one of my two best jobs in 50 yrs in IT. Try to take home a video produced by local PBS station called “Holy Pittsburgh”. Pgh has amazing number of beautiful churches of all kinds.

    Also be sure to visit Point State Park. Not as large as other downtown parks, but at least as stunning. Used to be an event there every weekend in the summer.

    For a small stunning church, up the Allegheny in Milvale is a very small church up on the left side of the valley as you face from the river. Now those are angels! I think the image behind the altar is the Theotokos.

  14. Klaire,

    I always find it interesting that Fr. Corapi’s defenders always talk about tone and lack of charity.

    yet, without any evidence, you insinuate those who question Fr. Corapi’s opulance suffer from a spiritual disease. (Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins.)

    How about this? Priests should live a life of simplicity. Nobody is begrudging the man for the fruit of his labor, but can he really talk about the need to take up your cross, embrace self denial, then hope in his beamer to drive to his yacht?

    When the priesthood takes on a worldly character, the Church suffers as a whole. Even during the dark days before real serious catholic reforms (around the 11th and 12th centuries than post Trent), there were some priests who were perfectly orthodox, yet nonetheless probably lived a little to extravagantly. The crisis in the priesthood was remedied by renewed faithfulness to the call of simplicity as well as the other vows.

    This is a serious question. Simply waving it away by accusing others of a spiritual disease/deficiency won’t solve it.

  15. The morbid fixation on Fr. Corapi is further evidence of the retreat of self-described faithful Catholics into a ghetto of their own creation. Fiddling while Rome burns, I think.

  16. I am hoping that all priests undergoing investigation guilty or innocent will not start submitting their resignation letters & use an alias in order to resume public ministry; I could imagine there’s a stronger temptation for this course of action the larger the “fan base” (market) is.

  17. As far as conferences go, I expect that the sale of his product were likely well beyond what a $3,000 fee would have brought in. I don’t know what the recent arrangements have been, but the CMG booking agency seems to indicate that they will assist by paying 10% of the speaker’s fee. If Father was not being paid a speaker’s fee directly, I imagine that CMG was still collecting some type of booking fee with some portion of that going to him. I’m not sure how the rights to booking Father Corapi may figure into all this (prior to his suspension).

  18. Klaire, please do the Christian thing and dispense with the personal attacks.

    The main question is why would Corapi write that he does not charge for his Homilies when a Catholic priest who contacted him prior to the drug/sex scandal states he does ($3000 plus expenses)?

    SOLT states that zero of the money Corapi made ever made it into its coffers as does the Montana diocese where he lives.

    It is unseemly for a priest to enrich himself on the holy Gospel and then turn around and attack the very Church that made him wealthy.

    I wonder if Jesus charged the crowds $100,000 as you state to hear the Good News or he was just interested in saving souls?

  19. Corapi’s speaking fees are being understated. He would not come speak to do a parish mission (when he was doing them) unless he was guaranteed a 7-10K take and a certain # of people attending.

    You might also poke around and see how sales of other materials went down for these other big events – those he did after he stopped doing the parish talks. He and his people were quite strict about vendors at those events – in short – it could only be Santa Cruz Media selling Corapi stuff. No local Catholic bookstores and so on.

  20. Phil A.: I’m not sure if you may have heard differently elsewhere, but in an interview with Fr. Sheehan he had indicated that SOLT doesn’t received anything from Santa Cruz Media but that Father might make some personal donations (may need a tax deduction). It would seem that a lot would be clarified if he released copies of tax returns (like many politicians do). One of the benefits to not having set up Santa Cruz Media Inc. as a non-profit is they aren’t required to disclose their financial statements. They could operate as a 501(c)(4) and not receive tax-deductible donations to avoid any political restrictions.

  21. Joe …

    At the Catholic Media Convention this week, I heard this story about one man’s dealings with Corapi and Co:

    Last year, Fr. Corapi was giving a much-anticipated talk in Cincinnati. The publisher of a prestigious Catholic publication approached Corapi to see if they could give everyone who attended this talk a free copy of their publication.

    Corapi’s response? Yes, but on one condition: only if the publisher provided Santa Cruz Media with the names and address of all the people on the publication’s mailing list.

    The publisher declined.

    Dcn. G.

  22. Klaire, you refer to Father Corapi as having a Ph.D. in Sacred Scripture. Yet in one of his recent recordings, which I listened to at his Black Sheepdog website, he makes a very odd error. He defends his focus on preaching, as opposed to regular administration of the sacraments, by comparing himself to St. Pau, who mainly preached and in fact said he was glad he had baptized so few, as otherwise he would be held partly responsible for sins committed by those he had baptized.

    That is not at all what St. Paul said! St. Paul said he was glad he had baptized none of the Corinthians (who were apparently fiercely divided in their loyalties) except Gaius, Crispus, and the household of Stephanus, because otherwise people might accuse him of having baptized in his own name.

    What a very strange mistake for someone with a Ph.D. in sacred scripture to make! I’m no scripture scholar, and I picked up on Corapi’s error at once–it’s no obscure minor detail, after all. But I am not sure what is going on with Corapi, whether he is really that ignorant of scripture, or confused under stress, or crazy like a fox.

  23. A lot happened in relation to that Cincy talk, Deacon. Many from the local Catholic community who worked hard to bring him there were deeply burned by Corapi and his entourage.

  24. He actually claims his STD from Navarre is in Dogmatic Theology (as is his Licentiate), though he also claims an MA in Sacred Scripture from Holy Apostles Seminary in CT. But you’re right, Kate, it’s a silly error, and thus striking for a man who claims to “have more education than most people.” With the exception of his early tapes on the Catechism, in which most of the content is simply reading directly from the text, I haven’t seen much evidence in his talks of the theological or scriptural sophistication the degrees he claims would imply. For example, in his “Lenten message” this year (a pre-Lent, and thus pre-suspension, video which was really an ad for his DVDs), he explicated the meaning of the liturgical season by urging his viewers to “look it up online,” and then by reading verbatim (from a printout in his hand) the definition of Lent from . . . Wikipedia. (This was the video in which he appears vested in an alb and purple stole at a lectern in a church, but the church is actually a photo projected on a green screen behind him, and flopped–the pulpit seen behind him is on the wrong side of the sanctuary. The green-screening wasn’t done very well, which is why his ears are cut off and appear to wiggle throughout.) A gift for popularizing complex theological and scriptural truths is well and good, but . . . WIKIPEDIA?

  25. Sunlight is the best disinfectant I am afraid. The more people compare notes on Corapi, the more the truth comes out.

    “The Greatest Event of 2010” – according to Corapi and Euteneuer. Pride always comes before the fall. I guess Christmas and Easter were just so-so events in their minds. Doesn’t matter anymore as these two guys are no longer priests.

  26. jkm: Are you able to say if Fr. Flanagan was still the superior for SOLT at the time that they passed their constitution and became a Society of Apostolic Life around 1994? Both his bio and SOLT history seem to say little about his role with SOLT at that point, while it seems strange if he were instrumental in the Constitution while giving Father Corapi a pass on it.

  27. As late as 1995, Fr Flanagan was listed as the General Priest Servant (position now held by Fr Ogie Rosalinas, equivalent of superior), so yes, it would seem he was superior during the development of the Constitutions. And it was Bishop Gracida who elevated SOLT to a Society of Apostolic Life on December 8, 1994. There was no listing for Regional Priest Servants, the role Fr Gerry Sheehan serves now for North America, in 1995. Can’t comment one way or another on who was involved in the drafting of the Constitutions and whether others were “grandfathered.”

  28. Klaire: Thanks for that ringing defense of a multi-millionaire against alleged bloggers who seek his blood because of the untold riches we gain in “cash for hits, oh boy!” I don’t know about other bloggers, but I don’t get “cash for hits” on my blog. It would be nice, and maybe I need to understand the tech better and start getting me some of that. But at present I get nothing for people clicking on my blog. Indeed, I haven’t gotten a nickel for following this story (though I have gotten a spectacular amount of hate mail from people who have all sorts of mystical insights into my soul and my motivations and my long hatred of Fr. Corapi and many other fantasies, but not much ability to see the obvious fact of his documentables lies and baseless accusations against his bishop and superiors. I am not too concerned about the hate mail, because I know for a fact that the documentation of the lies is soon going to be so overwhelming that only the most deluded “fan” will still be able to trust a word he says. I do, however, worry about Fr. Corapi and pray for him that he not do something drastic as the House of Card he’s built collapses, nor that his fans turn on him viciously when they realized they’ve been snookered, nor that they kick themselves too brutally when they realize they have just done a repeat performance of Maciel’s defenders and brutally attacked the whistleblowers instead of calmly examining the facts.

  29. The Facebook posts on “Fr. John Corapi” and “The Black Sheepdog’s” walls – as well as the comments at the Black Sheepdog site – are astonishing. I have never seen anything like it.

  30. If one has heard the preaching of Father Corapi over the last number of years, his message was always positive about the Catholic Church and the need for those involved at all levels of the Church to teach authentic Catholic teaching. He was never out of sync with the Pope from anything that I have heard from any of his live or taped discussions. Does any of the bashers have anything to show his message was in error or out of complete agreement with the Pope and Magesterium? I have not heard or read a single post by the Father Corpai blog hangmen jury about his message. I know that many liberal bloggers do not like to hear what the Church is acually supposed to be teaching in strong blunt language. I think this same hangmen group would have not liked the message of John the Baptist either. Father Corapi knew and said that the left would come after him and the blog posts have done nothing but prove how accurate he was. I love the posts that say I am not going to post on the story any more and then cannot leave it alone for a day before their attack begins. Reminds me of the media and Palin. Can’t leave it alone. I sense a ton of envy on many of those who are so angry that they cannot produce the type of speaking fees that Father Corpapi was able to get. Mark Shea seems to pause above and wish he knew how to create funds from his useless hate filled blog. Mark, try showing a little less hatred to those who actually believe the Catholic Church should stand up and teach the full truth of the Catholic Church and stop using rad trad and other language to show how you dispise the actual teaching. Stop bashing the pro life party as if anything else equalled the killing of 50 million babies. Your blog proves Michael Voris point about so called professional Catholics. Voris did not say you were good at it, only that this was your profession. Interested to see what other jobs you do for a living not involved with the Catholic Church. Same is true of a lot of others. That was the point many seem to miss.

  31. Now he is compared to John the Baptist! I have seen Corapi’s and compare him to Moses, St. Joseph, St. Peter and now the baptist! These deluded fans are out of their minds! Doesn’t it bother you that every time anyone checks into one of his stories, he walks it back, amends it, change it? A few years ago he was a special forces guy living on snake meat in the jungles, until someone questioned that and suddenly he was injured in training, and never saw the jungle! I guess he just forgot! He tells these whoopers and his fan say, “of course, father, whatever you say!” He supposedly has a degree in Dogmatic Theology from Navarre? Navarre doesn’t offer a doctoral in Dogmatic Theology! Hasn’t anyone ever checked out any of his stories? I would love to see his ordination picture with Bl. John Paul.

  32. Hey, Greta? How does Michael Voris make his money? Isn’t he a professional Catholic, too? Or does he have a 9to5 job, and then run his show for free?

  33. Is it wrong to say that Jesus still loves Fr. John Corapi? I know everyone pretty much hates the guy.

  34. Greta,

    Whatever Michael Voris’ talents, he really has no right to condemn “professional Catholics” who “make a buck off the Gospel.”

    Whatever one thinks of Mark Shea, he doesn’t charge you for “premium content” which is really a couple extra youtube videos (nicely done, but beside the point.) Same with the “tone.” Voris is every bit as polemical as Mark Shea. He lives off of being the controversialist.

    Also, it must be pointed out. Nobody has said Corapi is a heretic. What we have said is that he does have some serious problems in the credibility department, as many of the moves he has made in this case make absolutely no sense. Turning his back on his calling to continue doing what he wants to do (irrespective of what the Church thinks) is not a good idea.

    He claims he was a Special Forces guy. The evidence says otherwise.

    He claims he didn’t know his accuser, yet he knew who he was suing for breach of contract and who he had paid to sign an NDA.

    He claims he doesn’t charge for his talks. We have several accounts stating that is false, that they had to indeed pay for things beyond simple travel expenses/lodging. The statement is only true if you engage in the kind of “Creative Accounting” that would make Leo Bloom proud.

    He said people “wanted him gone” yet we have an on the record statement from his superior that he was a “Priest in good standing” with SOLT, and he was invited to live with the religious community.

    The justications he has put forth for his behavior raise serious questions. To seek to turn your back on the priesthood (even if he remains a priest forever) by saying only about 10% of your ministry had anything to do with priesthood is very troubling from a Catholic standpoint.

    Kate makes a brilliant point about his very curious interpretation of St. Paul, but I’d like to expand it. Paul was not thinking his baptizing would “profane” the sacrament. Rather, Paul was thankful he didn’t have…..

    What’s that word….

    Oh I know!

    FANS. That was the problem of the Church of Corinth. They were FANS of Peter, of Apollos, etc. They were such FANS that they were putting the messenger above the message. This wasn’t the fault of Peter or Apollos. They were gifted speakers who knew how to move an audience, one by his oratory, the other by his use of logic and reason. Paul was neither of these things (by his own admission). St. Peter and Apollos would have looked down on this, rather than wanting to launch new venues just so they could keep in touch with their “fans.”

    Paul just wanted to live humbly in his apostolic message. In his attempt to justify his actions, Fr. Corapi completely misses the point.

  35. TCM,

    To be fair, we know he was ordained. “Independent” witnesses like Fr. Z (who was also ordained at the same ceremony) have written publicly about it.

    Let’s just stick with the facts as they are. Plenty to talk about there.

  36. Kevin, the only person on record who has mentioned being ordained with JC that day in Rome is Father Z, who admits that he did not know JC until years later–so he has no independent memory of JC’s being there. Not saying it didn’t happen. Just one more part of the story about which no objective documentation exists.

    However, TCM, Navarre does offer a Bachelor’s, Licentiate, and Doctorate in Sacred Theology. (Wikipedia will give you a rough translation if you don’t read Spanish)
    And until recently, a copy of a doctoral dissertation in his name, successfully defended in 1993 and published in 1994, was downloadable from the university library. The link seems to have disappeared.

    Apologies to anyone who thinks it’s evil to be verifying the public record under the circumstances, when allegations are flying thick and fast. Sunlight IS the best disinfectant.

  37. I didn’t mean Wikipedia. I meant Google translator. Wikipedia, as we all know, is for liturgical references. 🙂

  38. I’m curious – what’s the difference between “Sacred Theology” and “Dogmatic Theology”? Is there a difference?

  39. Re: e_scalia #43 “Is there a difference?”

    I have always understood that there was a difference. “Sacred Theology” is much broader and includes all the fascinating intricacies of RC theology whereas “Dogmatic Theology” only deals with RC Dogma — which is a small part of the bigger picture.

    For instance: That fact that Jesus is the “God-Man” is part of our DOGMA; The fact that St. Jude is the patron of impossible cases or that Lady Mary of Nazareth appeared at Walsingham in England (or even Lourdes in France) is not DOGMA at all.

    You can he accused of “teaching heresy” of you teach something that violates DOGMA — you cannot be accused of teaching “heresy” if you disagree with something that is not DOGMA.

    –If you teach that Jesus is not the second person of the Holy Trinity; OR teach that the unleavened bread DOES NOT become the Body of Christ at the Consecration of the Mass; OR teach that the Bishop of Rome — by whatever human title he is called — is NOT the vicar of Christ on earth, THEN you are violating RC Dogma and will be identified as a heretic.

    –IF you teach that Bishops do NOT have the right to close parishes; OR insist that the Latin Rite’s Extraordinary Forum — Tridentine Mass — is the ONLY worship approved by the Risen Lord Jesus; OR that only the EWTN version of the Rosary is the approved form — you will not be violating DOGMA — because none of these issues are dogmatic at all. They are ALL “Good order and Discipline” issues. You will, however, be violating the local “Good Order and Discipline” issue and may be on the receiving end of some bishop’s anger.

  40. “On May 26, 1991, Pope John Paul II ordained Fr. Corapi”

    I tried finding a contemporaneous photo of John Corapi with Pope John Paul or Mother Teresa but could not find one.

    Surely, the Vactian would document such an important event as an ordination for these new priests?

  41. The link to his dissertation disappeared??? Wow.

    There is a video on Father Z’s site, I think posted in late May 2009, of highlights of his ordination, including JPII laying hands on a candidate identified in an added subtitle as Father Corapi. The camera angle is a bit awkward. (I’m sorry I cannot post a link at the moment because I am at home on an old, barely functioning laptop.)

  42. This web log is a den of calumny. This accusation and that accusation and the other, all without a shred of corroborative evidence but with libelous hearsay and baseless speculation aplenty — none of it edited; none of it policed. The “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog” cartoon in the New Yorker is almost 18 years old, but the message has really taken root right here with all the canon lawyers and psychiatrists and Church historians, all licensed apparently overnight, who leave nary a single thought unexpressed. Well, here’s what: You don’t know; you also don’t know what you don’t know.

    I only had the misfortune of stumbling across this den of calumny through Google News. Surely, thought I, a purportedly ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church — with a purported news background, no less — might bring some of that life experience to bear through keeping the collective (post + comments) subject matter on the right side of libel, if not decency, no? No? My God: The lavender villainy, focused through crosshairs on one suffering soul! I feel dirtier now than had I run a Google Images search on supple naked women.

    Be you to yourselves with your suppositions and your ill-premised conclusions and your filth. Off goes one hapless reader to shower; on concurrently comes the virus checker to cleanse the computer.

    [My goodness! When did Eustice Tilley get a laptop?! Dcn. G.]

  43. jheldrane – you complain of ‘libel’.

    Can you provide any evidence that information contained above is false?

    If not you yourself are defaming the participants here.

    Give us your specific claims of libel and your evidence that those statements are false.

    Most of the information here comes directly from the Church printed sources, state information databases, and straight out of John Corapi’s weblog.

    Lavender villainy? Good grief.

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