Ordination update: 14 new deacons in Tulsa

Oklahoma?  Ok!

The beautiful shot below is from last weekend’s ordination.  What a marvelous way to mark Pentecost!

The diocese has a great Facebook page with a gallery of pictures, too. Check ‘em out.

Congratulations, brothers! Ad multos annos!

Thank you, St. Petersburg!
Helping the deacon learn the Exsultet
Habitat for Humanity to build a Pope Francis House
A prayer for our times: “Way of the Cross in Solidarity with the Persecuted Church”


  1. Bob Wilson says:

    We appreciate your warm welcome and yes it was a very powerful thing to be ordained on Pentecost Sunday. What a privilege to serve Christ and His people through Mother Church and to receive the Holy Spirit of God to actually do and believe the “one thing needful.” Peace and Good to you Brothers!


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