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“I would have to say I was sad because it’s not good for the common good. I think society and culture is at its peril.

“I tell the gay community I love you very much, and every single morning when I say my morning prayers, I pray for the health of all New Yorkers and they are part of that. I am very grateful for the presence of so many gay Catholics who are heroically trying to live their faith.”

– New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, on the new gay marriage law.

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  1. ron chandonia says:

    If our society and culture are truly in peril, as I think they are, this had best not be the archbishop’s last word on the subject.

  2. naturgesetz says:

    I think the archbishop is not afraid to speak when he sees some possible good to be accomplished by speaking.

    But there is always a judgment to be made in prudence. For one thing, in this instance, now that the law has been enacted, what chance is there of getting it repealed over the governor’s veto? In this instance and others, it is also important not to become a “broken record” by harping so constantly on a topic that people stop paying attention.

    There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

  3. brother jeff says:

    I wish Archbishop.Dolan would refuse to particpate in the hijacking of the word ‘gay.’ Gay is the first name of many good women and it is sad to see it ruined this way.

  4. And despite all the hysteria, the sky has not fallen and the sun rose again and Catholics can still enter Canonically valid, hetero marriages.

  5. I think Emperor Romulus Augustus said something like Kenneth said it.

  6. Frankly to my ear, that statement by the Archbishop (and I heard the audio clip on the radio) sounds fairly weak. Where’s the outrage?

  7. naturgesetz says:

    kenneth #4

    So what?

    Nobody said the sky would fall, the sun would not rise, or Catholics would be unable to enter canonically valid marriages. So that little unfunny bit of sarcasm has absolutely nothing to do with the case.

    I hope you didn’t think you were making a point.

  8. Wonder if this law passing had anything to do with the economy (he said sarcastically)?
    The airlines, hotels, wedding planners, photographers, florists, catering halls, etc. are all licking their chops waiting for the NYC destination weddings! They say it will bring well over one hundred MILLION bucks into the city coffers. And you thought it was because the guv and the mayor really cared. Ha.

  9. Oh Keneth, thy anger is evident, cool down. And yes, Romulus Augustus probably thought a few shirtless barbarians a the gate were just a mere inconvenience. Lighten up….

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