RIP, Clarence Clemons

Let’s face it: we could all use a little dose of awesomeness right about now.

Here, then, the awesome Clarence Clemons, with that guy from New Jersey, nearly 30 years ago — all sweetness and youth and rowdy, unstoppable, laugh-out-loud joy.  Crank up the speakers and travel back in time.  Because tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.

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  1. LOVE it. Thank you so much!
    RIP Clarence.

  2. The man exuded joy, and in interviews always seemed good-natured. I saw him play with the E Street band a couple of years ago and recall thinking how ill of health he appeared. RIP.

  3. Saw him (with my then-12-year-old son) at the LA Colosseum at the height of his powers during the BORN IN THE USA tour, and am remembering today the joy of being levitated out of ours seats, all 100,000 of us, by his playing his heart, soul, and body out. I don’t know a thing about his life off stage, but with that horn to his lips he was pure happiness. Hope he and Gabriel are jammin tonight.

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