The best argument yet for cloning

This cat, Fredde Gredde, is new to me, but evidently he’s been floating around the Internets for while, crafting these ingenious videos.  (He got a lot of buzz last year, evidently, for his inspired medley of TV Theme Songs.)

Take a look at what a little green screen ingenuity can do in his latest opus, a clever rendition of “Killer Queen.”

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. Diakonos09 says:

    Fantastic! Thanks, Deacon Greg. Someone’s sure to grab that talent. And now Fredde Gredde can be heard at various time throughout my house on the kids’ laptops….and with 7 kids that’s a lot of Fredde. They love him.

  2. Jim Dotter says:

    From the first line of the song, I JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO REALIZED WHAT “MOET & CHANDON” WAS.

    I blame hearing the song for the first time on AM radio.

    Or I was too young to know what M & C was to begin with.

    Among other “mis”-hearing of lyrics:

    “Venture a highway” instead of “Ventura Highway”.

    Anyway, amazing talent.

  3. naturgesetz says:

    A good musician and a talented video maker.

  4. Ain’t folks grand?! 😛

  5. Jim Dotter says:


    It looks as though he is to video dubbing what Les Paul was to audio dubbing.

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