The best argument yet for cloning

The best argument yet for cloning June 14, 2011

This cat, Fredde Gredde, is new to me, but evidently he’s been floating around the Internets for while, crafting these ingenious videos.  (He got a lot of buzz last year, evidently, for his inspired medley of TV Theme Songs.)

Take a look at what a little green screen ingenuity can do in his latest opus, a clever rendition of “Killer Queen.”

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5 responses to “The best argument yet for cloning”

  1. Fantastic! Thanks, Deacon Greg. Someone’s sure to grab that talent. And now Fredde Gredde can be heard at various time throughout my house on the kids’ laptops….and with 7 kids that’s a lot of Fredde. They love him.

  2. From the first line of the song, I JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO REALIZED WHAT “MOET & CHANDON” WAS.

    I blame hearing the song for the first time on AM radio.

    Or I was too young to know what M & C was to begin with.

    Among other “mis”-hearing of lyrics:

    “Venture a highway” instead of “Ventura Highway”.

    Anyway, amazing talent.

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