Want to elect a pro-abortion pope?

Now you can, via the weird new Facebook game, “Vatican Wars.”  It’s “Farmville” for the churchy set.

Details, from the game’s press release:

Players are divided into two teams based on their opinions on topics including abortion, same sex marriage, the ordination of women and the use of birth control. Each team then works to ensure that a player from the other team is not elected Pope.

“We did extensive surveying of Catholics before launching the game and were surprised to find that 80% of Catholics surveyed supported creating a game where they could debate these topics,” said Cheyenne Ehrlich, Founder of SGR Games, LLC. “It will be interesting to see if that’s because they want to elect a liberal Pope or because they want to prove that Catholics are unified and conservative on these issues.”

In Vatican Wars, a player who is elected Pope can make gradual changes to the Church’s position on each topic. Gradual changes made by ten consecutive liberal Popes could, for example, reverse the Church’s position on same sex marriage. Popes are elected based on their own gameplay, their team’s gameplay and actual voting by all players. Gameplay within Vatican Wars is based on the Catholic liturgical calendar, daily readings, Saints of the day and debating theology.

Offensive?  Just a bit.  And I can’t escape the feeling that by splitting the faith into two sides — Templars and Crusaders — the game strives to effectively divide and polarize an already polarized Church.  Or so it seems.

The curious can find a link to the game in the press release.


  1. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    Templars and Crusaders … Do I smell that fictional Dan Brown garbage or the freemasons/New World order here at play?

  2. You are right, this is more polarizing as if we didn’t have enough already.

  3. This game ( which I’ve played) is the newest incarnation of “Priestville”, and like most Facebook games is pretty much harmless timewasting, although it does give some interesting nuggets, like the readings and saints for the day, and major churches from around the Catholic world. To label it “divisive and polarizing” gives it more significance then it deserves.

  4. I used to play Priestville, which is cool, but I haven’t been on it in months. I’d agree this Vatican Wars one doesn’t sound right.

    In any case I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a Civilization type game called Papacy, where you get to play as the Pope, starting in 100 AD. Not to change dogmae or moral teachings, but you would have power over when they’re defined, like scientific discoveries in Civilization, but you’d decide things like where to build missions, hospitals, etc.

  5. Well there is always the option of meta-gaming the game. If enough faithful Catholics are on, then the whole change the Church paradigm fails.

  6. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    Kay, it’s mainly Mafia Wars with a Catholic Twist and a points system for getting a pope of the liberal or Catholic side elected. A little fun, but it is more fun if you haven’t played (and gotten bored with) Mafia Wars.

  7. Why not the same thing on say….Islam??

    Oh yeah, the religion of peace would be putting the company leadership out for attack…

  8. So the Templars are basically conservative business banking Catholics, and the Crusaders are basically conservative foreign policy Catholics. Yeah, I get it!

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