Yes, I took that shot with a camera phone

It’s amazing what these little marvels can do now.  This morning, while biding my time in the rectory between baptism intakes, I took the shot this below with my Android EVA Smartphone from Sprint.  It’s a figurine on a top shelf in the rectory office. You can click on the image to enlarge.

How’d I do that? I used a free app called Little Photo, which adds all sorts of nifty effects to phone camera shots.  But that’s nothing.   Check out this stunning gallery of images taken from camera phones.  I can’t escape the feeling that this is an art form that is just getting started.

Personally I don’t have any lofty ambitions, beyond fiddling with snapshots that I can post on Facebook.  But for people with a keen eye and a creative itch, this could be the start of something big.

Can you imagine if Ansel Adams had an iPhone?

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5 responses to “Yes, I took that shot with a camera phone”

  1. If Ansel Adams had had an iPhone he’d have taken a lot of cheap and tacky digital photos of Yosemite. Thank God he did not.

  2. That was kind of a backhanded insult, Kate.

    I like your picture, Greg. I find it very fun to take photos with a digital camera and then manipulate them. I was hopeless with a camera before the digital age. Now I can create, what is for me, nice little pictures suitable for framing.

  3. Kate…

    Visit the link to the gallery in my post. It will make any skeptic a believer. Some of the images are truly stunning.

    Dcn. G.

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