iPhone, circa 1950

Looking for a swanky dock for your smartphone?  Look no further.

The LA Times spotlighted retro iPhone holders recently.  There’s a whole line of these docks designed by Scott Freeland, for sale at this link.

And that’ s just for starters. Check out this unusual gallery.

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  1. As a career telephone company employee I am very interested in getting the old phones. I have one that is a candlestick phone and is converted for use with a jack and an old dial phone circa 1940’s to early 1950’s. I’m looking for a crank phone for the wall (the kind shown on Lassie).

    I have an Android phone and cannot use this for charging, but if they had one available I would certainly get one.

  2. The dial phone I have looks like the phone you show in the post except it has a dial. That’s when a phone was a phone.

  3. I remember a phone like that. It really was a “smart phone”. It was voice activated, you just pushed a button and someone said “Number, please.” It was a kid-friendly system.

  4. @Melody: or senior friendly; as I get older and my sight gets worse and my fingers thicker and less nimble, I wonder how I will manage in a few years to text anything; even the voice activated menus, with my accent I always get the wrong option. :)

  5. pagansister says:

    Retro is good. I remember some of that “retro”!

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