Ordination update: 8 new deacons in Denver

How’s this for a Rocky Mountain High?


The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception was filled with family, friends and clergy on June 25 to witness the ordination of eight men to the diaconate.

Seven of the men—Matthew Archer, Charles Hahn, Steven Hinkle, Timothy Kelly, Jerome Kraft, Christopher Pomrening and Johnie Riviera—were ordained to serve the Archdiocese of Denver. One of the men—Colin Coleman—was ordained for the Community of the Beatitudes, a Catholic community that includes consecrated and lay members.

As the choir from Light of the World Parish sang “We Are Your People,” a Knights of Columbus honor guard led the entrance procession, which included two dozen priests, more than 50 deacons and the eight men who were to be ordained.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., was the ordaining prelate. Mass concelebrants included Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley; cathedral pastor Msgr. Thomas Fryar, Vicar for Clergy Msgr. Bernard Schmitz and St. John Vianney Theological Seminary rector Father Michael Glenn.

As the Rite of Ordination began, the deacon candidates were called forward by Deacon John Smith, director of formation for St. Francis School of Theology for Deacons, who then asked Archbishop Chaput that the men be ordained to the responsibility of the diaconate.

When the archbishop inquired about the worthiness of the candidates, Deacon Smith responded, “I testify that they have been found worthy.”

The congregation erupted into applause.

“Relying on the help of the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Chaput said, “we choose these, our brothers, for the order of the diaconate.”

During his homily the archbishop spoke about the sacrament of holy orders and how an integral part of the ordination rite is the laying on of hands.

“This is a gesture of passing on, or entrusting to the next generation of ministers, the apostolic ministry of the Church, which we have received from the apostles,” he said.

Read the rest. Congratulations, brothers – -and ad multos annos!

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2 responses to “Ordination update: 8 new deacons in Denver”

  1. Congratulations to the new deacons!

    Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Mary, who as teacher of faith by your obedience to the word of God, has cooperated in a remarkable way with the work of redemption, make the ministry of deacons effective by teaching them to hear the word and to proclaim it faithfully.

    Mary, teacher of charity, who by your total openness to God’s call has cooperated in bringing to birth all the church’s faithful, make the ministry and the life of deacons fruitful by teaching them to give themselves totally to the service of the people of God.

    Mary, teacher of prayer, who through your maternal intercession has supported and helped the church from her beginnings, make deacons always attentive to the needs of the faithful by teaching them to come to know the value of prayer.

    Mary, teacher of humility, who, by constantly knowing yourself to be the servant of the Lord, has filled with the Holy Spirit, make deacons docile instruments in Christ’s work of redemption by teaching them the greatness of being the least of all.

    Mary, teacher of that service which is hidden, who by your everyday and ordinary life filled with love knew how to cooperate with the salvific plan of God in an exemplary fashion, make deacons good and faithful servants by teaching them the joy of serving the church with an ardent love.

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