Pics from Pittsburgh

I know you all have been breathlessly awaiting pictures from the Catholic Media Convention last week in Pittsburgh.  The wait is over.

Pittsburgh is a lovely city, and not at all what a lot of us expected.  No rust, no smokestacks.  Lots of hills and ballparks.  Below, the view from my hotel room.

There were bishops hanging around. Nice fellows like Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh and the jolly Bishop Gabino Zavala, from Los Angeles, shown below.

And there were bloggers like Elizabeth Scalia.
My boss Michael LaCivita led a panel on reporting from the Middle East.
And the whole thing wrapped up with the Catholic Press Association awards, which consisted of three people reading a long long long list of names for about 90 minutes. Thankfully, there was also wine.
A good time was had by all. As an added bonus: while going through security in the Pittsburgh Airport Friday afternoon, who should I see but Miss Teen West Virginia! (She was wearing her sash. I don’t know where she kept her tiara.)

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5 responses to “Pics from Pittsburgh”

  1. did u walk down to Point State Park? did u walk over 6th st bridge to Andy Warhol museum? (One of three identical bridges to Northside)

    I lived for a while about 6 blocks from the river on Northside (which is where the stadia are). I could walk to 9 Catholic churches at the time – one was a few blocks from your hotel I think. One had been pastored by St John Neumann. At least two are no longer open.

    wish I could have stayed in Pgh

  2. Right after the NY vote, a self-described lesbian columnist for National Catholic Reporter posted a piece excoriating the bishops for being out of step with the lay Catholic politicians who led the charge to redefine marriage:

    The column closed with this biographical note:

    Jamie L. Manson received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics. Her columns for NCR earned her a first prize Catholic Press Association award for Best Column/Regular Commentary in 2010.

    One Catholic institution after another seems to be succumbing to an ideology of secular progressivism that revels in taking issue with our official teachings. I cannot help wondering if the Catholic Press Association is part of that mob.

  3. Ron…

    The judges for the awards were not members of the CPA. They were independent secular journalism professors — many with extensive professional experience — from Marquette and Loyola.

    Dcn. G.

  4. Dear Ron C.,

    Do you think about anything else other than same-sex marriage?

    Thou doth protest too much, methinks.

    May God grant you some peace of mind.


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