Wearing your faith on your sleeve

From Hawaii comes this engaging photo essay about devoutly religious men and women, from different faiths, who are proud to show what they believe by what they wear and how they dress.

Consider this profile of a sister:

“Living in poverty and simplicity is easier,” says Sister Linh Nguyen. I don’t have to think: What should I wear? Does this match?”

With the six sisters at her convent—the Daughters of St. Paul—“We do normal things. We love movies. We save our allowance and treat each other to ice cream or a Starbucks coffee. You know, that coffee is expensive!”

A child when her family escaped Vietnam—“We were boat people,” she says—Nguyen became an apprentice nun as a way to become educated when she settled in New Orleans. She wears a cross that’s unique to her order. On it is a Bible and a radio tower, as their mission is to spread their faith using media. These nuns make iPhone apps, produce radio shows and have a touring choir. Their dedication to media extends, blessedly, to journalists. “We all need help sometimes, so we pray for you to have wisdom.”

Check out the rest at Honolulu Magazine.

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