Chaput says "Adieu"

The Archbishop of Denver said his final mass last night — and the celebration included a processional that featured  the thundering rhythm of Native American drummers.


Archbishop Charles Chaput said his goodbyes Sunday night to a flock that filled the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

He summoned people in from the foyer to fill the aisles and sit at the steps of the sanctuary and warned them that he might preach for an hour.

“Instead of saying goodbye,” he said to his parishioners, “why don’t we just listen to the word of God.”

Chaput gave his final Mass before leaving Denver to shepherd the 1.5-million-member Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where he is to be installed on Sept. 8. He was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI in July to the task of restoring an archdiocese rocked by a sexual-abuse scandal.

Sunday night, Chaput was preceded in the ornate basilica by American Indian drummers. A member of the Prairie Band Potowatomi tribe of his native Kansas, Chaput is only the second American Indian to be ordained a bishop in the United States and the first American Indian archbishop.

Read more. There’s also an excellent slideshow at the link.

And check out this TV report (with a couple prominently featured deacons).

Photo by Daniel Petty, The Denver Post

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5 responses to “Chaput says "Adieu"”

  1. “A member of the Prairie Band Potowatomi tribe of his native Kansas, Chaput is only the second American Indian to be ordained a bishop in the United States and the first American Indian archbishop”

    Boy, I must really be confused! I thought Cardinal George of Chicago was also of Native American heritage?

  2. Fiergenholt…

    I checked multiple sources and couldn’t find anything like that.

    However, most places note that he is the first native of Chicago to fill his post. Perhaps you’re confusing Native American with Native Chicagoan? 😉

    Dcn. G.

  3. Archbishop soon to be CARDINAL Chuput is a blessing for Philly. Certainly one of the best in the USA…

  4. The drums sound like a great touch. When there is so much fake “diversity” stuff going on, it is nice to remember what REAL diversity is — real people who do the things that they really do.

  5. The Deacons in the Archdiocese of Denver will miss Archbishop Chaput immensely. He has been a tremendous leader and example to the Clergy and the Faithful or our area.
    The people and Clergy in Philadelphia should prepare themselves to receive a wonderful gift from God as the Archbishop makes his transition to his new location.
    As we wait for a new Shepherd, I ask those that visit this site to pray for both the Archdiocese of Denver and Philadelphia. May we be blessed with abundant grace and guidance under our new leaders.

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