Flashback: a classic moment of inspiration by Tony Melendez

CNS blogger Emma Lulgard reports that the legendary performer sang Thursday at World Youth Day in Madrid — which, of course, brought back for some of us vivid memories of Tony Melendez’s stunning performance for Pope John Paul (and a much younger Roger Mahony) in Los Angeles in September 1987.  Just watch.

This performance — and the pontiff’s moving response — was a moment for the ages.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Wow, that’s why he is and will be John Paul the Great. Tony was great and courageous, and look how the pope jumped down the stage in a move that must of surprised the security team. He went and kissed Tony then jumped back up, wow. I realize how much I miss John Paul,the pope of my generation (I was 17 when he became pope). Blessed JP pray for us that we may go back to that spirit of hope and joy!

  2. Rudy, I’m much older than you are, but to your comment I say AMEN!

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