Flashback: Steve Jobs introduces the Mac in 1984

Lest we forget: a little piece of history-in-the-making, as Steve Jobs (pre-turtleneck and jeans) lets the Mac out of the bag, and the public gets its first glimpse at a little machine that will rock the world.

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  • HMS

    This is anecdotal, I know, but I have never heard a PC owner say: “I love my PC.”

    However, I know several people, including myself, who say: “I love my MAC.”

  • http://www.gerardnadal.com Gerard Nadal


    Amen!!!! I’ve had a macs since the late 80′s. Jobs is a genius. My prayers are with him.

  • http://stfrancesxcabrinichurch.org Deak Pete

    I live in both worlds…PC at the parish, and forever Mac at home. On my fourth one now , and it is AWESOME! Thanks, Steve!

  • Chris-2-4

    HMS: “I love my PC.”


  • pagansister

    Though I have never owned a Mac, I am aware Jobs has contributed more than many to this amazing world of computers, etc. Wish him the best—

  • HMS


    But the important thing is how you react when your PC crashes:

    “Love is patient, love is kind…it is not prone to anger… . Love never fails (but PCs fail more than MACs)”