Hurricane? What hurricane?

Clouds are scuttling across a beautiful blue sky here in New York City.

But batten down the hatches.  Stay tuned.  Things could get interesting in the next day or so.

Meantime, take it away, Lena.

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  1. I love Lena Horne. You probably know that she was born in Brooklyn and that her funeral took place last year at St. Ignatius Loyola Church on Park Avenue in New York City.

    I also like “Good Night, Irene” (or better “Good-bye, Irene”).

    Just posted this link on my Facebook page and sent it to my relatives. Some left Cape May, NJ last night at midnight. Evacuation was mandatory.

  2. As Floridians, we are taught to “Run from the water, hide from the wind”. If they are evacuating your area, it’s because they anticipate dangerous flooding…You can run and pray at the same time…don’t ignore evacuation orders!!!

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