"Soon, it's gonna rain…"

As we get ready for Irene, here’s a favorite song from a favorite show, “The Fantasticks.”  This is a clip from the seldom-seen movie version, from 1995.  It features Jean Louisa Kelly, who is probably better known as the chipper wife, Kim, on the long-running sitcom “Yes, Dear.” Who knew she could sing?

YouTube Preview Image


  1. The longest running musical in Broadway history … and a nice reminder for a lot of us of a musical that is not heard that often anymore! Stay safe this weekend.

  2. Beautiful and so appropriate! Brings back memories.

    Another song that has been running through my head is

    “Don’t Let the Rain Come Down.”


  3. Jean Louisa Kelly played (and sang beautifully) in the movie
    Mr. Holland’s Opus, 1995 as the young student infatuated with Mr. Holland.

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