The bottom line: Vatican toilet paper for sale in Spain



Renova, one of Europe’s biggest producers of household paper products, has launched toilet paper in the colours of the Vatican flag in honour of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain next week.

Each pack contains two perfumed rolls of toilet paper, one yellow and the other white, which the company says on its online store can be used as giant streamers to welcome the 84-year-old pontiff to Madrid.

“Is there any better way to liven up the streets than using these large streamers with the Vatican’s colour-scheme? Open your windows to celebrate! Welcome Pope Benedict!” the company says on the site.

The 10,000 packs which the company has made cost 2.76 euros ($3.94) each and they feature a “I heart the Pope” logo that use a red heart symbol.

They are for sale in Renova’s online store in the toilet paper section but the company’s marketing director Luis Saramago said they should be seen as “giant streamers that could be used as toilet paper.”

“We are all very sensitive to colour. It is our way to contribute to the joy which will certainly be associated to this event,” he added.

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  1. pagansister says:

    Is this supposed to be in honor of the Pope’s visit? TP?

  2. One of the very rare times I agree with pagansister. This strikes me as being in very poor taste.

  3. But wait! Look at how versatile the lowly paper necessity is.

    “Is there any better way to liven up the streets than using these large streamers with the Vatican’s colour-scheme?”

    Students in a few colleges are known for spreading “toilet paper” over trees and throughout the campus to celebrate football victories, e.g. Auburn. (There’s even a verb that has been coined to describe the events, “to toilet paper.”) Also, high school seniors do it as senior pranks.

    Of course, do they clean up the mess?

  4. gerardnadal says:

    Vile. Simply vile.

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