"Truth is really important in our world today…"

That’s just part of what Mary Anne Marks told “Currents” when she visited the show a year ago and talked about her inspiring decision to join The Dominicans after graduating summa cum laude from Harvard.  (An event that garnered a lot of media attention with this jaw-dropping speech, delivered in Latin.)  A year on, she’s now taken the habit and taken a new name, signaling her devotion to Truth: Sister Maria Veritas — “Mary Truth.”  The Anchoress has the scoop and the first pictures of Sr. Maria in the novice’s habit.

Meantime, here’s a flashback: Mary Anne’s first televised interview, from “Currents,” last July.

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3 responses to “"Truth is really important in our world today…"”

  1. That was a pretty good speech she gave at the Harvard commencement. My Latin is a bit rusty, but she didn’t use too many strange words, and context helps.

  2. Certainly hope she continues to be happy with her decision. The Dominican’s are lucky to have her as part of their family.

  3. Dear Deacon Greg:

    Hello and how are things with you. Its been a long time since I last have touched your heart and everyones heart.

    This Topic: “TRUTH IS REALLY IMPORTANT IN OUR WORLD TODAY”. This is an understatement so let me explain.

    From the day we were born to the day we have been thought how to speak, from the home to the world we live in each and every day we are asked to tell the truth.

    TRUTH – A word so miss used that there are people that live in dream land that claim they are telling the truth yet it is all lies.

    Children are magnets and they pick up everything that comes out of our mouth. Some of us will catch our children telling a lie and the first thing that comes out of our mouth is you better tell me the truth or else.

    Recently my grand daughter got her school report and it was
    with several F’s so the teacher asked her to show it to her mother and have her mother sign it and return it back to school.

    She decided to forge her mothers signature and return it back to school. The teacher knew whose signature that was
    so she called her mother on the telephone and asked her to come to school so that she could speak with her. My daughter went and to her surprise she was shocked that a 2nd. grade child would do something like that.

    When my daughter asked her why did she do that she first said she didn’t due that, then later she told the truth after she was told she was grounded.

    Imagine a second grader doing this then now take a look at our government from local to state and to federal we have elected bunch of lier’s and thieves.

    Lets take a look our local governments , our teachers are teaching our kids to lie when taking tests so that the school district doesn’t look bad. We have school districts that claim that they have bought books for children that they don’t exist.

    It all started at home, setting examples as parents we have done such a poor job and we need not look next door we need to look at our self and our needs and where do we need to go back to . Going to church every Sunday and tooting your own horn of a great christian you are all you have to do is live the Lords request as to what he wants you to do. We all have a purpose in life why we are here.

    The Lord put us all here to be honest with each other and honest with the Lord as to what we need to due what he has asked for us to do and we need to be good christians and not fair weather christians.

    When things are well we don’t need the Lord but the very first time things don’t go well we run to him for help. Running to the Lord we must run to him with Honesty and Love to due his work

    America the World is watching you, watching our government as to how fair and honest it is for the world is tired of their Governments telling lies and we have been very poor example for the world to follow.

    It is time to change for our future generations and for the world to see that America is a home of the Honest and Honorable people of the world.

    Your Christian Brother

    Branko Belichesky

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