"Life is super short"

The Anchoress has accused me of “blubbering” over stuff like this.  Wrong.  I never blubber.  I sniffle.

But now she’s gone and posted the video below, which may be one of the most potent and unexpected pro-life (and pro-living) testaments you’ll see on television. And I have to admit: I’m blubbering.

Just watch.

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4 responses to “"Life is super short"”

  1. Re. Kenny #3:

    I was also struck by the reference to the father of her child as “my partner.” This video is a very positive indication that secular society is becoming . . . maybe not more pro-life, but at least more respectful of pro-life decisions like the one this young woman made. But any movement in that direction is still a faint light in the contemporary wilderness of family disintegration with its consequent commodification of children. The aspiring singer mentions how awful it would be for her child to grow up without a mother but evidently does not think it equally devastating that child might be abandoned by the other parent, a person to whom her relationship certainly sounds tenuous. It’s important to encourage and to build on positive developments in the secular world but dangerous to sentimentalize them.

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