Maybe I can use it for fertilizer – UPDATED

I got hit tonight with a huge pile of spam comments. I’m shoveling out now.

Until further notice, all comments will be moderated.

Meantime, thanks for your patience…

UPDATE: Okay.  I think the problem has been addressed.  I’ve put a few filters in place to block spam — flagging certain key words and such — and adjusted the comment policy so that only those who register and have an email can comment.  Let’s see what happens.

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2 responses to “Maybe I can use it for fertilizer – UPDATED”

  1. Earlier this morning, more as a way of lifting Dcn Greg’s spirit after that attack, I sent him a variation of the following in an e-mail:

    “Just to humor you a bit, how about a few words about Spam — the meat product.

    –It is the State Food of Hawai’i — If you REALLY want to know how to fix this stuff, ask a Hawai’ian! There are tens of thousands of variants and those folks have found them all: Sweet-and-sour Spam; General T’so’s Spam; Spam Alfredo over vermicelli; Spam as the meat stock in your soup or chili; Spam Strogonoff. . . . The one I want to try is Spam smoked with cherry wood and then given a cherry brandy over-glaze.

    –Every veteran of World War II has both a praise and a curse for Spam. For many on the front line, that was the only meat product they had to eat for weeks. Neither my dad nor my father-in-law (both WWII veterans) would touch the stuff after they came home from the war.

    –MY favorite way of fixing it is to thin slice it; fry it until it is reasonably brown; stack several slices on thick-sliced sour-dough toast with cheese in between each slice, add mayo and dill slices. Great for lunch!”

    BUT abhorrent in a blog!

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