New Evangelization FAIL

“Honey, here’s something fun for the family…let’s go!”

H/T to The Ironic Catholic.


  1. I saw that earlier on her page… I put it on my FB straightaway!

  2. I tried to find this church online. There is a parish called “Crucifixion Catholic Church”. I won’t say where it is, but they are also having an event (or had an event) in April called “Crucifixion Gala.”

  3. Back when I took journalism in high school (when dinosaurs walked the earth…) we were warned about sports headlines for Catholic School teams. “BVM Slaughters St Joseph 23-7″ Or “St. Isaac Jogues Loses Nail-Biter To Mohawks”

  4. Now, tell me this sign was in Rome, NY.

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