Now you know: the real meaning of "deacon"

A tweet forwarded to me from a reader:


  1. Is he referring to you, Greg?

  2. I would prefer the reason being from Henry David Thoreau, paraphrase, perhaps the deacon who does not keep clap with the congregation, but hears the beat of a more heavenly choir. we can only hope

  3. Dcn Greg
    You are a master at the placement of your blog posts.

    and also…is he kidding?

  4. I prefer the following meaning for a deacon.

    A deacon is best when neither seen nor heard,
    not so great when adored and glorified,
    worst when hated and despised.
    Fail to honor people, they will fail to honor you.
    But of a good deacon, when work is done
    and aim fulfilled, people will say.
    “We did this ourselves.”

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