Priest uses water gun to spray congregation with holy water

Really?  Seems so.  Details:

A Catholic priest from a small Mexican town has turned on his own congregation armed with a watergun which was loaded with holy water.

Father Juan Ramon Hernandez gives mass at a church in Acatlan. He became so saddened by the seemingly daily drug-related killings and violence he decided to take a stand… with a water gun.

“Let’s pray to change the heart of the people who use violence and kill other people,” he said. “Let’s throw all the guns far away.”

Some children, who were making their first communion, giggled as the priest sprayed churchgoers with holy water.

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13 responses to “Priest uses water gun to spray congregation with holy water”

  1. My first instinct was head-shaking disappointment, but given the circumstances in Mexico, there is something to his point.

    I find myself thinking that a very individual, and well-intentioned pastoral gimmick could actually be a good thing. It may “work” for this priest, this congregation, this day, under these conditions. He’s doing it to make a point, not to be flip or hip or funny.

    But in the age of the Internet, this will take its place in the eternal archives as a sacrilege like unto the “clown Mass.”

  2. This is absolutely fantastic- fun, creative, and fitting. It’s must easier to spread a message if people are interested and entertained with oddities like this.

  3. Wait a second. We are supposed to dress reverently for Church every Sunday, and the priest shoots holy water from a water gun? If you support the water pistol then I don’t want to hear you criticize parishoners who under dress. They might as well wear bathing suits if they’re going to get sprayed.

  4. Context within a culture that is not American. 40,000 executed, millions victims of fear and crime, the priest deserves a break.

  5. I disagree with the previous comments, context or not I think this is not something that should be done, it completely dismisses the due reverence we should have at the time we are blessed with holy water.

  6. Now if he can only find a gun that shoots out the Blood of Christ. That will leave them with a stain to remember.

    This is wrong and making excuses for where they are makes no sense. It seems like Mass should be a place where they gain the grace and blessing to continue to battle the evils of life.

    What got me out of the picture is that eveyone is smiling and having a good time. If the message is how evil guns are, why is it being sent with shooting is fun and happy? This seems to be trializing the evil. This looks more like a priest wanting to be popular without putting himself at risk..
    If he wants to make a difference, go out in the streets and march to protest the drug gangs and demand they stop. Then he would join the list of martyrs.

    I wonder if he got his gun through Obama’s Fast And Furious program like the drug dealers…

  7. Why not reserve these gimmicks for a separate blessing service outside the context of the Holy Mass? Mass is not about how much the priest and deacon can entertain us. It is about how we move towards God in worship and thanksgiving as He moves towards us in the Sacred Body and Precious Blood. Not a time or place for squirt guns, irreverent dress, or entertainment.

  8. This makes me so sad. I agree that this is a demonstration of a “clown mass.” I understand the frustration on the part of the priest. My ministry is solely dedicated to supporting God’s Holy Priesthood, but I will not give an excuse for any illicit pratices during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The real presence of our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist should be the focus of the celebration. Let us pray for all our priest. St. John Marie Vianney Cure of Ars – Pray for us and all our priests.

  9. I can just hear the thudding sounds of liturgists clutching their chests and falling to the floor. The tone of the above comments reinforces my disturbing feeling that the Body of Christ is becoming ever more polarized, and that traditionalism is taking on an increasingly humorless, strident and intolerant tone. Truth be told, in my opinion, a water gun filled with Holy Water would seem a lot more appropriate at a summer bible camp for young children, but that’s not the point. I am concerned that so many of my brothers and sisters in the Church are a bit too eager to second-guess the Holy Spirit and play DIY Magisterium, if not Inquisition. Say a prayer for the Church and lighten up. Who’s going to take more heat on Judgment Day: the priest who tried to make a valid point with a questionable action or the ones who appointed themselves his judge and jury?

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