Ordination update: 10 new deacons in Detroit


Ten men were ordained to serve the Archdiocese of Detroit as permanent deacons last Saturday, Oct. 1, by Archbishop Allen Vigneron.

The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit was filled to capacity with the families and friends of the new deacon ordinandi, as well as deacons, priests and prelates of the archdiocese.

In his homily, Archbishop Vigneron spoke of the ministry of the deacon in the Church, citing first the deacon’s teaching ministry, as when he proclaims the Gospel at Mass.

He reminded them that they have become “spokesmen for God” not only through the work they did studying for their ordination, “but by God’s action.”

Turning to the deacon’s ministry of service, the archbishop said it is not just a matter of working to make things a bit better, but springs from “the love that lives in the very heart of God.”

“What you do on your own and what you lead the people of God in doing is an instance and manifestation of the love that exists among the Holy Trinity,” he said.

But then Archbishop Vigneron spoke of the deacon’s sacramental ministry and of its importance, for “liturgy is the source and summit of the Church’s life.”

He touched on the deacon’s role in conducting baptisms and serving as “a solemn witness of the Church” at weddings, saying, “What are these, but proclamations that God has come into the world in His Son, Jesus Christ, and has made it a new creation?”

The archbishop focused, however, on “one particular ministry” of the deacon – serving as “custodian and minister of the cup of the Precious Blood” at Mass.

Calling the chalice of Precious Blood the “most elegant sign” of Christ’s saying that “Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends,” Archbishop Vigneron told the new deacons, “You are associates of Jesus Christ in administering His love.”

He commended the faithful examples of the martyrs St. Lawrence and St. Stephen to the new deacons, and noting that they were being ordained on the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, said, “Was she not excellent in her service of the Word, not only in her speech, but in her ministry of charity? Ask her how you can be ministers of charity.”

Read about the men at this link.

Congratulations!  Ad multos annos —  and welcome!

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2 responses to “Ordination update: 10 new deacons in Detroit”

  1. I did a little research on the number of men being ordained Deacons in Detroit, here is what I could find:
    year count
    2011 10
    2010 2
    2009 11
    2008 12
    2007 15
    2006 10
    2005 4
    2004 8

    For an Archdiocese of about a million people I would expect more Deacons…

  2. Dear Antonius,

    The number are quite good, actually.

    Consider that Detroit, like many of our larger archdioceses, ordains new deacons every year. Also consider that Detroit has been ordaining deacons since 1971.

    You also should keep in mind that most deacon formation programs are highly selective these days, and while perhaps 25-30 men (or more) might start the process each year, over the time of formation (on average, about five years), many men will discern that the diaconate is not the vocation they’re being called to.

    These numbers are fairly normal for a diocese of Detroit’s size.

    God bless,

    Deacon Bill

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